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Enjoy sharing your DIY projects with family this holiday season!

Trex Deck Gate Ideas For Your Pool & More


Trex Aluminum Gate

Our last blog post covered ideas about gates for decks and pools.  So, this week we thought we would share another great option.  Do you have a Trex deck? Then you know you can count on the Trex brand for both reliability and style.

Trex gate, designed to match Trex railings, is the perfect way to finish off your outdoor space.  The aluminum Trex gate is available in both square and round balusters, to suit your design style. Gates are also made with heavy-duty powder coating in a variety of colors.

Regardless of whether you are looking to add a touch of style or focus on safety, a deck gate will help you accomplish your goal. Check out this easy to follow video showing you how to make your Trex gate in a snap!

For addtional Trex products, visit DIYHomeCenter.

Deck Gate Ideas For Your Outdoor Space


TimberTech Deck Gate

There are a variety of reasons to build a gate.  The practical reasons: Like, I have a pool and I am required by code. Or, I have dogs I would like to let out on my deck and ensure their safety. The not-so-practical reasons: Like, I love the look of a gate and want to elevate the style and appearance of my home.

No matter the reason, TimberTech makes adding a gate to your deck as simple as installing the balusters and railings.  If you have worked your way through your deck installation, the gate assembly is as easy as designing other sections of the deck. The only difference is mounting the gate section with hinges instead of directly to the post.

TimberTech RadianceRail offers an easy to install deck gate kit with square balusters.  Square balusters are recommended due to their strength and support. See this video for all of the information you need for installation.

Find all TimberTech products at DIY Home Center.


How To Prepare Your Waterfall For Winter

Well, it’s that time of year when many of us need to say goodbye to the lovely babbling sound of our Atlantic Water Gardens pond-free waterfall.  Freezing temperatures are on the way!

For those who live in areas where freezing occurs, it is important to get your water feature ready for winter. Learn the simple steps it takes to get prepared and see how to save yourself time in the spring, when you are ready to open your waterfall back up again. Check out the Atlantic Water Gardens easy to follow winterization video.

For more products like Atlantic Water Gardens Colorfalls and Atlantic Water Gardens Pond Kits visit DIY Home Center.


FastenMaster FLEX for Easy Installation

fastenmaster-flex-wood-moldingsJust when you thought FastenMaster couldn’t make the installation process easier for you, they offer FastenMaster FLEX Hot Melt Adhesive.   Get the job done faster with the same power and adaptability you have come to rely on with all FastenMaster products. The FastenMaster FLEX can be used in multiple construction applications, including: Wood, Tile, Glass, Metal and Plastic.  The hot melt construction adhesive allows you to get into those hard to reach places and gives you a clean, nail free wood surface.

The FastenMaster FLEX Hot Melt Adhesive comes in two varieties, the FLEX 40 and FLEX 180.  The FLEX 40 is for fast applications, giving you 40 seconds to apply while the FLEX 180 gives you 180 seconds of time to work before adhering.  Once the adhesive is applied, use pressure and the materials will be bonded in seconds.

Check out this video to see how the FastenMaster FLEX Hot Melt Adhesive can keep your next project moving along quickly.

For more trusted products by FastenMaster, like HeadLok, LedgerLok and Cortex, go to DIY Home Center.



Azek Premier Railing – Excellence Guaranteed


Azek Premier Railing System

The Azek Premier Railing system is distinguished for bringing together the three most sought after qualities in a deck: stability, style and low maintenance.   Professional and DIY deck builders have come to know that Azek railing systems mean a stress free installation and guaranteed excellence.

With the Azek Premier Rail, you have the flexibility to choose.  Easily install the pre-drilled composite baluster rail pack to save yourself time without sacrificing style.  Or, if you are looking for a more customized profile, the custom rail pack accommodates aluminium balusters, cable railing or glass panel inserts.


Azek Lighting

Pride yourself on your attention to detail?  Consider some finishing touches by adding Azek lighting or create a custom Azek gate.  Azek products have the tools and accessories you need to take your project from concept to completion.  Find what you need at DIY Home Center to build your Azek railing.


Plan Ahead & Save with the Dekorra Insulated Pouch

Dekorra Insulated Pouch

Dekorra Insulated Pouch

Although we all know the saying that nothing in life is guaranteed… One thing we can guarantee is that the weather is slowly, yet surely, turning colder.  And, with cold weather comes freezing temperatures and potentially frozen pipes. The Dekorra Insulated Pouch can protect your above ground plumbing from serious damage caused by freezing.

If you have exposed irrigation, well and plumbing fixtures, you run the risk of having freeze damage. This year, get ahead of the game.  Avoid messy clean up or expensive replacement by protecting your exposed plumbing now.

The Dekorra Insulated Pouch has an R-13 insulation value, pre-drilled grommets for secure installation and is made from a 5 year UV durable material. See the size and color varieties of Dekorra pouches available for you to protect your exterior pipes and pumps.

dekorra-insulated-pouch-1 dekorra-insulated-pouch-2You can use the insulated pouch with a rock enclosure or it can be used on its own.  For a more stylish look, find Dekorra rock covers at DIY Home Center.