Two Products that Prevent Deck Rot

Preventing premature deck rot can be crucial in getting the most value out of your deck investment. The easiest way to extend the life of your deck is by using flashing, like joist tape and ledger tape, to protect the wood structure from moisture damage such as rot and decay.

The following DeckWise WiseWrap video shows the difference between joist tape and ledger tape, and how they are applied.

1. Joist Tape

A roll of WiseWrap Joist Tape is 3 inches wide, 75 feet long and is 35-40 mil thick. It is for use on joists, posts, ledger boards, end cuts and more.

How to Apply DeckWise Joist Tape
  1. Cut tape to length. Leave a 1” overlap of tape for joist ends.
  2. Remove the paper backing, center tape over the joist and press in place.
  3. Cut slits in WiseWrap Joist Tape at corners and wrap downward.
  4. Cut & apply Joist Tape on adjacent runs. Firmly fold tape over joist sides and ends.
  5. Continue this process on all joists.

2. Ledger Tape

A roll of WiseWrap Ledger Tape is 12 inches wide, 25 feet long and 35-45 mil thick. It is larger in size for use on ledger boards, mailbox posts, deck posts and fence posts.

How to Apply DeckWise Ledger Tape
  1. Measure and mark the face of the ledger board at 7.5”.
  2. Remove backing & align Ledger Tape along the 7.5” mark.
  3. Adhere WiseWrap Ledger Tape from the bottom up & fold over the ledger board edge.
  4. Crease edges and corners tightly moving upward onto the house.
  5. Finally, use a hand roller to smooth out the LedgerTape surface.
Shop DeckWise flashing tape and more at


5 Common Questions about WiseCoat Deck Stain & Sealer

Another great product is now available from DeckWise, a company known for their high quality wood finishes and sealers. It’s DeckWise WiseCoat, a hardwood deck finish that can waterproof and seal hardwood decking, the environmentally friendly way. To introduce this new DeckWise wood sealer, we have compiled a list of the five most common questions we have received about WiseCoat:


1 gallon can of DeckWise WiseCoat

1. What is DeckWise WiseCoat?

DeckWise WiseCoat is a premium hardwood deck, siding and fence waterproofing sealer that is non-toxic and zero VOC. It has a water-based formula designed to protect against mold, mildew, dry rot, peeling, and cupping of wood for up to 6-10 years. WiseCoat has a semi-transparent tint that blocks UV’s to prevent hardwood from graying and also enhances the natural grain and texture of exotic hardwoods. It is available in a 1 gallon can that covers approximately 250-350 square feet.

2. What types of wood are compatible with WiseCoat?

  • Dark Hardwoods: Ipe, Cumaru, Massaranduba, Beefwood, Cherry, Cedar, Walnut, African Padauk, Merbau, Ebony, Live Oak, Brown Oak, Rosewood and Purple Heart.
  • Light Hardwoods: Tigerwood, Garapa, Teak, White Oak, Jatoba, Chestnut, Pine, Gum, Ironwood, Red Oak, Birch, Ashe, Alder, Aspen, Cypress, Hickory, Pecan, Poplar and Maple.

3. Where can DeckWise WiseCoat be used?

Use DeckWise WiseCoat on decks, fences, siding, outdoor furniture, docks, shake roofs, railings, timber framing and play sets.

4. How to apply DeckWise WiseCoat:

  1. Clean the hardwood surface and let dry.
  2. Mix, stir or shake the can of WiseCoat thoroughly before use.
  3. Apply two coats using a sprayer, brush or stain pad. Spray the wood surface with a mist of water and apply WiseCoat immediately. Back brush out any puddles.
  4. Let dry for 2-3 hours.
  5. Clean sprayer, brushes or other equipment with soap and water.
  6. Re-apply WiseCoat when necessary.

5. Where is WiseCoat sold?

DIY Home Center carries DeckWise WiseCoat Premium Hardwood Deck, Siding & Fence Sealer along with a wide selection of other DeckWise products. And if we didn’t cover a question you have about WiseCoat, feel free to ask us in the comments below or chat with us at

How to Straighten Deck Boards – Using the DeckWise Wrench

The DeckWise Wrench is a deck board straightening tool that allows builders to bend warped hardwood boards into place with ease. Watch the video below to learn more about the board straightener and how it works.

DeckWise Deck Board Straightener

The DeckWise Hardwood Wrench provides a pushing force of around 1100 lbs and has 10 configurations that allow virtually any position. It is compatible with all types of decking, like pregrooved or standard lumber, composites, and PVC. The tool can also be used on all high quality decking materials such as Trex, ironwood, teak, cedar, redwood, cumaru, tigerwood and massaranduba.

How to use DeckWise Wrench

    1. Place the wrench on joist or furring and position the joist pins and cam against the board tightly.
    2. Rotate the handle to apply pressure against the board. The cam will automatically lock the wrench in place and you can
    3. Let go of handle to install hidden fasteners.

Never experience the hassle of straightening a bowed wooden board with a chisel again. The ultimate deck board straightening tool from DeckWise is here and ready to make projects painless for deck builders everywhere. Visit to shop the DeckWise Wrench and many more decking products.

OZCO Building Products – Now Available at DIY Home Center

OZCO is a manufacturer of high quality building products that is passionate about providing materials for DIY’ers and pro builders. OZCO connectors and ornamental wood ties are known for their beautiful, innovative designs that are available in the style options Ironwood and Laredo Sunset.


OZCO Pavilion – Project #213

OZCO Ornamental Wood Ties (OWT)

OZCO OWT Hardware is made of thick, hot dipped galvanized solid steel that is black powder coated to make them strong and completely weather resistant. OWT is a line of wood connectors by OZCO building products that includes; post bases, post to beams, joist hangers, beam hangers, rafter seams, rafter clips, truss ties, truss fans, Timber Screws, Timber Bolts, gate hardware and decorative accents.

Post Bases Post to Beams

Joist Hangers

Beam Hangers Rafter Seams Rafter Clips
Truss Ties Truss Fans Timber Screws
Timber Bolts

Gate Hardware


OZCO Systems

OZCO offers the product systems Oz-PostOz-Deck and Oz-Fence, which provide a faster and easier way to install wooden posts for decks, fences and other projects.


Oz-Post is a fast and easy instant post hole system that uses high-quality, steel post anchors to install wooden posts or fence posts without the need for digging or pouring concrete. An Oz-Post system is great for installing temporary or permanent fencing, mailboxes, clotheslines, playground equipment, street signs, decks and more.


An Oz-Deck Foundation System is a floating deck system that uses deck plates and Oz-Post Post Anchors to create a foundation system for decks that meets the required load bearing capacity. It is for use in areas with vertical loads, like decks, docs, sheds and garden bridges or boardwalks.


OZCO Oz-Fence includes a fence post extender and WAP-OZ Fence Brackets that provide innovative hardware solutions to problems builders face during and after wooden fence installation. Brackets can achieve any angle and an extender can raise the height of an already existing fence.

OZCO Projects

OZCO Building Products can be used to create indoor and outdoor projects like pergolas, pavilions, fences, gates, swings, benches, patio tables, picnic tables, garden beds, arbors and more. Simply visit to purchase OZCO hardware and get started on your next project.

Trex RainEscape Video

Whether you want an outdoor entertaining area or a place for dry storage, expand the space under your second story deck with Trex RainEscape. This well-designed deck drainage system has proven reliability and is sure to have you enjoying your extra space for years to come. Watch this quick Trex RainEscape Video to see how the system works and just how simple it is to install.

Install with confidence with the complete Trex RainEscape system. This unique system directs water away from your deck, keeping the joists dry and safe from rotting. The assembly is also designed to run wiring, allowing for lighting, fans and a complete entertainment system. Here is what you need to expand your living space and begin utilizing all that room below your second story deck or porch.

Everything you need to create your Trex RainEscape drainage system.

 Materials List:

Trex RainEscape Downspouts

Trex RainEscape Troughs (Available in 12 ft and 16 ft lengths)

Trex RainEscape 2″ Butyl Tape – For Steel Framed Decks

Trex RainEscape 4″ Butyl Tape – For Wood Framed Decks

Trex RainEscape Wall Flashing

Trex RainEscape Post Flashing

Trex RainEscape Caulk

To find all Trex RainEscape products, go to and get started!


5 Reasons To Insulate Your Attic Door

Having an easily accessible door to the attic is important to virtually every homeowner. Unfortunately, attic doors put a hole in insulation that covers the attic floor or wall, which leads to heating and cooling loss. This energy waste can be easily avoided by insulating your attic door with an Attic Tent. An Attic Tent is an insulation cover that is designed to stop the air infiltration between your home and attic, but what are the benefits to this?

Attic Door Insulation Cover

Attic Door Insulation Cover by Attic Tent

1. Lower Energy Bills

Homes that have unsealed attics experience up to 20% more energy loss. By simply sealing off your attic opening with an Attic Tent, you can significantly lower your heating and cooling costs.

2. Cleaner Air

If attic doors or openings are not sealed, then unhealthy insulation and dust particles from your attic will collect in the air of your home. The insulation and seal provided by Attic Tent blocks these particles and creates a clean, healthy environment for you and your family.

3. Comfort

Individuals can feel the difference in their home from simply insulating their attic door. Attic Tents aid in eliminating drafts, reduce attic noise, and help establish a stable temperature throughout your home.

4. Easy

Attic Tents are easily installed on attic stairs, scuttle holes, knee-wall doors, and full-size doors. The installation of an Attic Tent takes an average of 15 minutes or less, and only around 30 minutes for more complicated installations. Learn how simply an Attic Tent can be installed on your attic door by reading the applicable instructions below.

How to Insulate a Folding Down Attic Stairs Door
  1. Measure how high attic stairs are above the frame.
  2. Measure the inside width and length of frame.
  3. Place Attic Tent with the zipper heads at the hinge end of the attic stair box.
  4. Staple the mounting flange to the rough frame, on all four sides.
  5. Seal between mounting flange and rough frame with a bead of caulk.
How to Insulate an Attic Knee Wall Door
  1. Insure that the zipper end is down.
  2. Fold flange under zipper side to attach to the floor.
  3. Staple around door frame on attic side and seal with a bead of caulk.
How to Insulate an Attic Scuttle Hole
  1. Attach a piece of ½ inch, 24” x 35” plywood to the adjoining side of the access hole and along the floor joist. Seal any adjoining areas to ensure a good seal.
  2. Position the Attic Tent over the scuttle hole with the zippers near the access.
  3. Staple the Attic Tent flange, access frame and extension of plywood. Apply a bead of caulk between the flange, access frame and extension of plywood.

5. Cost Effective

An Attic Tent is a minimal investment that actually works and is backed by  a 10 year product warranty. From the amount of money you will end up saving from each energy bill, the Attic Tent will surely pay for itself in no time.

Where to Buy an Attic Tent

Visit to find the right size attic door insulation cover to insulate your attic door.

Trex Signature Rod Rail Now Available at

Trex Signature Rod Rail with black railing

DIY Home Center is pleased to announce the addition of the newly released Trex Signature Rod Rail Kits. The high-quality workmanship of Trex products makes them a beautiful and durable addition to any outdoor living space. Create a railing that is both safe and offers a sleek and modern look for your friends and family to enjoy.

About Trex Signature Rod Rail Kits

Trex Signature Rod Rail kits feature unique horizontal rods to maximize any view. This aluminum deck railing system is made with a platinum horizontal rod infill that can be paired with either a bronze or charcoal black top and bottom rail. The kit comes in a 36-inch railing height, for standard residential applications and a 42-inch railing height, designed for commercial use or second story railings. It is also available for both stair and rail applications. The Signature Rod Rail kit is compatible with other Trex products including, decking, post caps, lights and gates.

Benefits of using the Trex Signature Rod Rail Kit
  • The Trex Rod Rail System is made from aluminum, which is durable and requires little maintenance.
  • The system is powder coated so that the railing will not need to be painted or stained to maintain its beautiful look.
  • The Trex Rod deck rail system is easy to install and requires no special installation tools. They can be topped with a Trex cocktail rail for a place to set plants, drinks and other deck accessories.
  • Add Trex post caps, Trex lighting and post sleeves to enhance your railings appearance.
Where to buy Trex Signature Rail Kits

Visit for Trex Signature products. DIY Home Center offers everything from balusters and connectors to railings and lighting, to create the deck of your dreams. For more information on how to create a personalized, custom deck railing for your next decking project, visit today.