Atlantis RailEasy: Cable Railing in 3 Steps

Cable railing is a popular railing infill option for many new homes and businesses due to its unobstructed views, modern look, and low maintenance. Although almost all cable railing will check those boxes, the thing that sets them apart from each other is ease of installation.

There are some cable railing systems out there that are so complicated they require assistance by professionals in order to be routinely adjusted. This is not the case for RailEasy by Atlantis Railing Systems. RailEasy has a patented design that allows it to be installed and maintained using simple hand tools. If you are interested in starting an indoor or outdoor cable railing project that only requires 3 steps to install, then you should consider Atlantis RailEasy Cable Railing.

RailEasy Cable Railing (1)

What You Should Know About the RailEasy System

RailEasy Components (4).jpg

RailEasy is a cable railing infill system that can be used with any wood or metal posts to create a beautiful railing with clear views. It consists of their patented cable rail fittings, stainless steel cable, and all other necessary hardware. Made from stainless steel (type 316L), these fittings and cable will gracefully withstand years of exposure to the elements.

The Atlantis RailEasy Cable Railing System is highly versatile because it includes the cable and hardware required for cable railing, but not the posts or rails themselves. This allows you to have the freedom to combine the system with any posts that you believe best suits your project.

It can also be viewed as a benefit to project cost. Purchasing a standalone cable railing infill grants you more pricing flexibility because you are able to shop around for different post options. Choose more economical wood posts and rails in combination with RailEasy for a timeless, minimalistic appearance or select composite or vinyl posts for a more elegant look.

RailEasy Installation

The RailEasy system lives up to its name and can be installed by practically any capable homeowner or contractor. It offers a simple 3 step process that is as follows:

  1. Space and Install the Tensioners & Swivel Ends
  2. Measure & Run the Cable
  3. Tension the Center Cable

That’s it! All you need to do is follow the included detailed instructions and you will install a sleek, cable railing system in minimal time.

RailEasy Cable Railing (3)

Claim Your Free Estimate

Installing or upgrading your home with fashionable, durable and reliable cable railing is a great way to increase its value. If you’re interested in learning more about Atlantis RailEasy Cable Railing, then visit DIY Home Center online. If you are curious as to how much a system like this will cost you or what materials you may need, contact us and receive a free railing estimate. We look forward to helping you enhance your space with beautiful deck cable railing.

Dupont Tyvek Protec Roof Underlayment Materials and Cost Estimator

Our new Tyvec Protec Estimator will tell you which roofing underlayment to purchase for your project, how much is needed and the cost. This latest feature on makes it easier than ever to calculate the underlayment cost and materials for your roof.

1. Measure Your Roof

This can be done by finding the length, width, and pitch of your roof or by using the total square feet. The estimator includes helpful diagrams showing how to find these measurements if you need assistance. If you already know this information, then this step can be skipped.

Option 1 – Find roof length, width, and pitchlength-width-pitch.jpgOption 2 – Find roof total square feet

How to Calculate Total Square Feet of Roof

Find total square feet by measuring the length and width of each portion of the roof, then multiplying the length by width for each plane, and adding the planes together.

2. Enter Your Information

Once you know the measurements of your roof, simply enter your information into the estimator and select your roof type (asphalt shingle, cedar shingle, metal, slate or tile). The Tyvec Protec Estimator provides both drop-down and manual fields that allow you to select or enter the correct information easily.

3. Calculate

Finally, click calculate to receive the compatible underlayments for your roof, total rolls needed and cost for each option available.

4. Select & Add to Cart

Choose one of your available options by clicking add to cart. The correct amount of underlayment needed will be added to your cart and be ready for you at checkout.


Use the Tyvek Protec Estimator at or shop other home improvement products.

Perfect Choice Furniture | Recycled Poly Lumber Outdoor Furniture

Perfect Choice Furniture offers outdoor poly lumber furniture that is made in the USA with lasting comfort and value. Their furniture is made using Weather-all recycled material that is very low maintenance and never needs to be painted or stained. Perfect Choice offers outdoor Adirondack chairs, benches, swings, chairs, gliders, rockers, tables, bar furniture, Tete-A-Tetes and more. These products are available in 12 different earth tone and tropical colors that can be mixed and matched to create your ideal look.

Why choose Perfect Choice Outdoor Furniture?

  1. Quality – Uses superior materials tested using strict quality control standards.
  2. Durability – Built with long-lasting poly lumber and coated stainless steel fasteners.
  3. Sustainability – Made from recycled products and all unused product is recycled.
  4. Design – Offers innovative designs that provide advanced stability.
  5. Lifetime Limited Warranty – All furniture is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.
  6. Short Lead Times – Perfect Choice Furniture has a very quick turn around time.
  7. Customer Service – All of your questions will be answered.
Perfect Choice Furniture Counter Table Set

Perfect Choice Furniture Counter Table Set

Weather-all poly lumber

Poly lumber is a wood alternative that is often chosen because it is durable and low maintenance. Perfect Choice Furniture offers poly lumber furniture made with weather-all technology that is:

  • PVC-free – It is safe, non-allergenic and includes no additives, fiberglass, or lead.
  • Recyclable – Made form 95% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.
  • Anti-mildew – Resistant to mold and mildew.
  • Anti-fade – Colors withstand harmful sun rays and UV light.
  • Stability – Built heavyweight and durable to withstand weather elements.
  • Easy to care for – No painting or staining required. Just wash and let dry.

Color Options

Get durable poly furniture that has the look of traditional wood with earth tone color options offered by Perfect Choice Furniture. There are also bright tropical colors that can create a beautiful accent piece in your outdoor space. You can also mix and match colors to create personalized furniture that matches your style, school or favorite sports team.

Perfect Choice Furniture Adirondack Chairs in Tropical Colors

Perfect Choice Furniture Adirondack Chairs in Tropical Colors


A poly construction means that no painting or staining is ever required. The only maintenance Perfect Choice Furniture requires is regular cleanings.

How to clean Perfect Choice Furniture:

  1. Mix soap and water to create a cleaning solution.
  2. Use a rag with the solution to wipe furniture clean.
  3. Rinse the soap off with water.
  4. Let furniture dry.


Perfect Choice offers a Lifetime Limited Manufacturer’s warranty on all of their Weather-all poly lumber products. The lifetime warranty refers to the normal useful life of the product. Furniture is guaranteed to not crack, split or fade under “normal” residential use for 20 years. A 5-year warranty will apply to furniture for commercial use to be free of manufacturing defects.

With so many colors, designs and styles of poly furniture to choose from, it is incredibly easy to find the perfect patio set for your backyard. Shop the entire collection of Perfect Choice Furniture at If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.


FastenMaster PAMFast AutoFeed Screw System

FastenMaster is an American manufacturer that offers innovative screw and fastener products to professional contractors. One of their popular products includes an auto-feed screw gun and compatible screws that can be used for a variety of building applications. This install tool is called the PAMFast AutoFeed Screw System and is great for framing, decking or remodeling.

FastenMaster PAMFast AutoFeed Screw Gun

FastenMaster PAMFast AutoFeed Screw Gun


The PAMFast AutoFeed Screw Gun is available in 4 different options:

  1. Universal PAMFast AutoFeed System (P13KUE) adjusts to both a handheld and standing tool. It has a 2500 rpm Milwaukee screw gun, works with 1″-3″ screws and is commonly used for decking, railing, subfloor, siding, roof tile and drywall to wood or steel. This is the most versatile option and provides the widest range of uses.
  2. Standing PAMFast AutoFeed System (P13KDE) provides a longer tool only for use while standing. This has a 2500 rpm Milwaukee screw gun, works with 1″-3″ screws and is commonly used for applications like decking and subfloors.
  3. Handheld PAMFast AutoFeed System (PK13K4) is only the shorter tool for use on wall applications. It has a 4000 rpm Milwaukee screw gun, works with 1″-3″ screws and is typically used on crating, decking, railing, drywall to wood or steel, fiber cement siding, roof tile, steel framing, subfloors, and underlayment.
  4. Handheld PAMFast AutoFeed System (P13K) is only the shorter tool for use on wall applications. It has a 2500 rpm Milwaukee screw gun, works with 1″-3″ screws and is typically used on crating, decking, railing, drywall to wood or steel, fiber cement siding, roof tile, steel framing, subfloors, and underlayment.


The PAMFast System includes the auto-feed screw gun, a professional storage case, an Allen key set, Phillips bits and PAMDrive bits. Necessary screws are sold separately, as they vary by type and installation.


The PAMFast AutoFeed Screw System is designed to install:

  • Sub-flooring
  • Decking
  • Drywall
  • Tile roofing
  • Cement board
  • Steel framing
  • Crating or pallets


  • An auto-feed screw gun system that drives productivity.
  • Engineered to be a fast and easy installation tool for the professional contractors.
  • Has a simple, yet rugged design that is built to last.
  • Uses FastenMaster PAMFast screws or Trapease 3 screws.
  • Comes fully assembled to use while standing or adjusts to a handheld tool for wall applications.
  • Provides smooth and consistent screw driving without jams or stripping out bits.
  • Requires less reloading by holding 50 screws per collated strip.


The PAMFast AutoFeed Screw System offers increased speed, precision and productivity. It was designed to provide consistent drives without the occurrence of grinding, cam-out or jamming. The PAMFast gun requires less reloading by holding 50 screws per collated strip, which eliminates the struggle of handling loose screws. The FastenMaster screw gun bits are durable, so they retain their shape longer without wearing.


The PAMFast AutoFeed Screw Gun is priced similarly to other auto-feed screw guns, but is considered to be a higher-end option. Pro builders have debated for years about which auto-feed tool is the best choice. The PAMFast system is known for its superiority in faster drives, no jams and greater durability.

Shop the PAMFast Autofeed Screw System, as well as a large selection of other FastenMaster products at If you have any questions or comments about this product feel free to leave them below.


DekPro Manufacturing: Making Deck Railing Easy Again

After measuring, estimating and ordering I finally start building my deck railing. As I am halfway finished, I grab for another connector. The box is empty. I check for more in other boxes. Nothing. I quickly pull out my phone to check my order. I didn’t order the correct number of connectors. I only ordered one connector per baluster. I needed two. I order more connectors and learn that this project will now be delayed for another few days. I’m having a party tomorrow and my deck won’t be ready.

This type of problem happens all the time to both contractors and do-it-yourselfers. Building a deck railing should not be that difficult. All the components you need should come together and be easy to order.

That is the exact mission of DekPro Manufacturing.

When you use DekPro products, you know you’ll get everything you need because it comes in an easy to purchase kit that can be installed by ONE person.

DekPro Railing Kits include products like:

Aluminum Railing

Prestige_Bronze_Rail_Beauty copy

Aluminum Balusters


ADA Handrail


Cable Railing


Glass Railing


Deck Lighting


These easy to order and assemble kits provide form, function and precision engineering at an economical price. Also know that when you select DekPro Railing, you get quality aluminum products that are built to last and virtually maintenance free.

If you want to know more about a specific DekPro Railing Product visit or leave a comment below.

The DekPro line is very extensive and impressive, so we will also be covering each DekPro product in its own blog post soon. If you’re interested, then keep posted! The first product we’re going over is Prestige Aluminum Railing.

Read “DekPro Prestige Aluminum Railing – 5 Reasons to Love It” here.

NEW Black Trex RainEscape

The original Trex RainEscape components come in a color that is often considered an orange, tan or brown. We are excited to announce that the same Trex RainEscape Downspouts and Troughs are available in the color black. The new black components were created to provide a deck drainage system that is virtually invisible from the decks surface. Although the original color of the system worked perfectly to create an unnoticeable deck drainage system for most decks, this new black option will provide a great alternative to those who would prefer to have a black underdeck system.


New Black RainEscape Products include:

  1. Black Trex RainEscape Downspout
  2. Black Trex RainEscape 12′ Trough
  3. Black Trex RainEscape 16′ Trough

The drainage system will still require some of the original RainEscape materials, which have always come in the color black, such as the butyl tape, butyl tape for Trex Elevationswall flashing and post flashing. A RainEscape Butyl Caulk Tube may also be necessary to ensure the system has a watertight seal.

Go to to figure out which color is right for you and to estimate your deck project with our Trex RainEscape Calculator.

5 Places To Use Slatwall For A Clutter-Free Home

Nobody likes clutter. This has always been true, but in recent years the minimalist style and lifestyle have taken over. There is no longer tolerance for a home full of disorderly possessions. Now is the time to declutter your space.

Luckily, to adjust with these changing times, there is an abundance of innovative home storage and organization products available on the market today. While they all may seem very contemporary and cool, are they really necessary?

Honestly, the only thing you really need is what you’ve seen every time you entered a retail store (remember those?). It is called slatwall. They come in panels that attach to your wall and offer a variety of accessories like hooks and shelves that will help you declutter any problem area you may encounter. It is likely you have seen slatwall in action at somebody’s home, but if not, then it might be hard to imagine it anywhere other than at your largest retailer. Slatwall is and can be used virtually anywhere you want, but to give you a better idea of how it will work for you we created a list of the 5 most popular places people use slatwall in their homes to eliminate clutter.

1. Garage Organization

If you have a garage, then you probably live in a home and deal with the common clutter that comes with it. Whether it be shovels, rakes, ladders, baseball bats, basketballs, fishing poles, bicycles, gas cans, or tools, these items may be tough to not create an eyesore with. Many people most commonly install slatwall panels in their garage because they take up minimal space and provide maximum storage capability.

2. Closet Storage

Often, a horizontal pole doesn’t provide enough versatility to hold every item in our closets. It is great for holding shirts on hangers, but it is not an ideal set up for organizing things like handbags, shoes, and jewelry. Slatwall can be installed on an open wall in your closet and be fitted with hooks and shelves to provide the perfect one-stop solution to all the hassling items in your wardrobe.

3. Basement Shelving

The basement of your home may wear many hats. For many individuals, it may be a home office, gym, bar, pantry, game room, bunker (you never know) or even just a storage space for your extra junk. All of these basement possibilities have one thing in common – additional items – that need to be put somewhere, somehow.

4. Mudroom Space Savers

Like your closet, the mudroom is often a place that holds apparel like jackets, hats, shoes, bags, and backpacks. If your mudroom does not have the right places for storage, then it is likely that clutter will create chaos in your kitchen or living room space. Installing slatwall in a mudroom, may be a good step to preventing clutter in other areas of your home.

5. Laundry Room Solutions

Although it may sound impossible, you can keep your laundry room tidy. Even with all the piles of clothes, detergent, cleaning supplies, brooms, ironing boards, baskets, mops or whatever else may be in there. All those things can be managed efficiently using slatwall. There is even a specific slatwall accessory called the laundry hook that is perfect for holding hangers to keep your garments wrinkle-free or to let air dry.

Hopefully, this list has inspired you to declutter one or more of these problem rooms in your home. And don’t let the list confuse you, you can use slatwall anywhere you want to get organized. Whether you need to clean up your closet, garage or any other area, it is the one storage solution that can turn your mess into a masterpiece.

DIY Home Center carries quality Garage Escape slatwall panels and a variety of slatwall accessories that will meet all of your storage needs. Visit our website to shop or learn more about other home improvement solutions. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the section below.

Fortress Fe26 Iron Railing: The Look Of Iron Without The Maintenance

When deciding on a railing system, many homeowners are drawn to the elegant beauty and strength of wrought iron railing. Then, they learn about the maintenance that comes with an iron railing system and things change.

The largest problem with a traditional iron railing is that it rusts. Not only is rust unsightly, but it can lead to hours of scraping at spots and even corrosion that creates dangerous structural problems. That upkeep is a huge turn-off. So then the question, “Can I get a railing with a similar look, but with as little maintenance and rust as possible?” is asked.

The short answer is yes. A rust-free alternative to iron railing does exist and it is called the Fe26 Iron Railing by Fortress Railing Products.


Fortress Fe26 Railing was designed using alternative materials and a superior coating process to achieve an enhanced version of traditional wrought iron railing that is virtually maintenance free. It is made of 100% galvanized steel that has both an industrial grade e-coat and premium powder coat layer on top. The combination is fairly unique to provide a system that is stronger than iron and resistant to rust and corrosion.

The Fe26 Railing also does not sacrifice on appearance, as it offers the same solid, black steel railing look that made homeowners interested in the first place.

Heinke- Ant. Bronze with ring top accents[1].JPG

So if you are looking for a railing that offers the beauty and functionality of wrought iron, but doesn’t require the same maintenance, then Fe26 may be the perfect option for your home or project.

You should also note that Fortress Fe26 Railing is easy to install and purchase because it follows a simple 4 step system. Complete these steps to ensure you have everything needed for your project:

Shop and learn more about Fortress Fe26 Iron Railing or other railing options at Feel free to leave any comments or questions in the section below.

5 Things You Should Know About The New Typar Butyl Flashing

The new Typar Butyl Flashing is a sturdy, yet flexible, flashing that is designed for use on straight jambs and heads of windows or doors. It seals the seams and edges tightly to protect against moisture and air infiltration, thus improving the buildings overall energy efficiency. The proprietary butyl copolymer formula is unlike rubberized asphalt-based flashings because it performs over a broader range of temperatures to deliver a more durable, longer-lasting seal. There are a few other things that make this Typar Flashing different, so we assembled a list of the top five things you should know about Typar Butyl Flashing.

1. Compatible With Caulks and Sealants

Many rubberized asphalt-based flashings have a tendency to interact with caulks and sealants, but TYPAR Flashing Butyl is compatible with most products commonly used in window and door installations.

2. Easy to Apply

This new flashing features a split poly backing with peel-and-stick properties that make for an easy application.

3. For any Job or Temperature

Typar Butyl Flashing is ideal for any job because it is available in 3 different sizes and provides maximum adhesion in a wide range of temperatures. It is suitable for installation down to 30° F (-1° C) and is thermally stable up to 180° F (82° C). The tape is available in rolls of 4″x75′, 6″x75′ and 9″x75′.

4. User & Environment Friendly

Typar Butyl Flashing contains no harmful VOCs and won’t off-gas. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are hazardous air pollutants that are often found in building products like paint thinners, wood preservatives and other types of adhesives. This new butyl flashing contains zero VOCs, which will lead to a healthier working and indoor environment.

5. Lifetime Limited Warranty*

When used as a part of the Typar Weather Protection System, Flashing Butyl is covered by the Typar industry-leading lifetime-limited warranty that includes both materials and labor.

If you want to shop or learn more about the new Typar Butyl Tape and other Typar products, then leave a comment below or visit

NEW Trex RainEscape Estimator

It is now easier than ever to plan a deck drainage system using Trex RainEscape! DIY Home Center is excited to present the Trex RainEscape Estimator that will not only provide an accurate cost estimate but will also show you a list of materials that can be added to your shopping cart with a single click.

The RainEscape Estimator is easy to use and will reassure you get all the right products the first time around. To learn how to use the Trex RainEscape estimator, follow the simple 3 steps listed below:trex-rainescape-estimator-blog-final.jpg

1. Measure Your Deck

The first step in the RainEscape estimation process involves gathering information on the dimensions and characteristics of your deck. The size and style of your deck will determine the materials you will need. Measure the width of your deck, count railing posts and collect other information that is required for estimation.

2. Enter Your Information

Once you are finished measuring your deck, simply enter the information you collected into the estimator. The RainEscape Estimator provides drop-down menus and help buttons that make finding and selecting the correct information easy.

3. Calculate & Add to Cart

Finally, click the calculate button to receive your estimate. The estimator will generate a list of the materials you need to install Trex RainEscape on your deck, including the price and an option to add all the components to your cart.


That’s it! With the new RainEscape Estimator, you’ll be able to create a dry living space beneath your deck in no time. Visit to shop our home improvement products, or try the Trex RainEscape Estimator today.