The Tiger Jaw

Fresh off the debut of the Tiger Claw Installation Gun, Tiger Claw has introduced the Tiger Jaw installation tool.

On occasion we hear from DIY homeowners that the ‘pound-in’ variety of Tiger Claw fasteners can be tricky to install, especially the first couple of boards. The Tiger Jaw makes installing the fasteners simple and painless. The Tiger Jaw is compatible with the TC-3S, TC-4S, and ProClip. The Tiger Jaw comes with a lifetime warranty. If your Tiger Jaw ever breaks, simply send it into Tiger Claw for replacement.

If you’re a contractor doing a lot of installing with Tiger Claw fasteners, then the Tiger Jaw is the proverbial “no-brainer”. You will get your money back from the first job you use it on in labor savings alone.

Feedback from both homeowners and contractors who have used the tool have been VERY positive. If you have any questions about the Tiger Jaw, leave us a comment below.

For a demonstration of how the Tiger Jaw works, check out the video below (use the speaker button on the player to mute the music — there is no voice over).

You can buy the Tiger Jaw here


  1. Ronnie Arnello

    I recently bought one directly from Tiger Claw. Mine doesn’t have springs on it, I was told I have the newer version. Your picture must be of the old style, anyways, It does work smooth and fast. We put down decking in about a quarter of the time it previously took us. It also gave us precise control on the gap. It did pay for itself on the first job, since then I’ve used it on two more jobs. It seems like it should last forever, I may have to touch up the paint though! -RA

    • mtandersondiy

      Hey Ronnie,

      Yes the image on our site of the Jaw is outdated. Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve got one sitting in my office that we’re going to shoot an image of in the next day or so. No the current version does not have springs as you point out. And yes, I can see where the paint on the piston would wear — not sure there is much that can done about that, the rest of the Jaw should wear just fine.

      If you have any problems with the Jaw, be sure to let Tiger Claw know (, there is a lifetime use warranty – they’ll happy provide you with a replacement.

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