Tiger Claw Installation Gun – Now Compatible with Trex Hideaway

In addition to being compatible with Tiger Claw TC-G and the TimberTech CONCEALoc, the Tiger Claw Installation Gun is now compatible with the Trex Hideaway hidden deck fastener thanks to a new double sided installation head.   One side of the head is compatible with the TC-G and CONCEALoc, while the other side is compatible with the Hideaway.

If you are a contractor and are installing hidden fasteners into slotted decking, the Tiger Claw installation gun is a must have.    You can learn about the gun here.

As of today (11/19/09), the information and imagery on our website has not been updated so don’t be confused when it describes only being compatible with the TC-G and CONCEALoc.

Here is a picture of the new double sided installation head. The Hideaway fits on the left side, while the TC-G and CONCEALoc fit on the right side.

Tiger Gun Nose

Tiger Claw Gun Nose

And here’s a picture of the gun. The original Tiger Claw gun was orange in color. The new guns, with the double sided nose, are gray.

Tiger Claw Installation Gun

Tiger Claw Installation Gun

You can purchase the Tiger Claw Installation Gun here


  1. Joan Cunningham

    Luckily I found this site and information about the Tiger Claw gun and Trex hidden fasteners. Most distributors are confused about the hidden fasteners and are unaware Trex has worked hard to force consumers and contractors to use only their fasteners. It seems Trex has worked hard to design their pre-grooved decking to ONLY work with Trex fasteners. Furthermore, although you find many claims Trex has partnered up with Tiger Claw for “easy” installation when you buy the fasteners in the bucket (500 sq ft) the screws in the bucket and are not on a strip so you can use the gun. You have to screw each one. I used Trex “Live Chat” multiple times trying to navigate the hidden fastener tangled web and they were of little help. I asked for someone to call me and the customer service rep advised she would have some one from technical call but no one ever did. I will NEVER use Trex again. There are too many other companies out there with equally good products with EASIER and LESS COSTLY installation. Good Buy Trex

  2. diyhomecenter

    Hi Joan,

    Thank you for your comment & feedback. You are correct that if you are using pre-grooved Trex, you have two options for using a hidden fastener. You can use either the Trex Hideaway Steel Fastener or the Trex Hideaway Universal Fastener (plastic). The TigerClaw TC-G will not work properly with pre-grooved Trex.

    If you are using the installation gun, there is a “gun pail” item that you can purchase that comes with 900 fasteners and 930 pneumatic that are specifically designed for the installation gun (see links below). This is a different item than the 900 fastener bucket with screws that you described above.

    Trex Hideaway Gun Pail with Pneumatic Gun Screws

    Trex Hideaway Steel Fasteners with Regular Screws

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