Tiger Claw Hidden Fasteners with Azek Decking

One of the common questions we get about Tiger Claw hidden fasteners is the selection of the proper fastener for use with Azek decking. The answer to the question lies in the type of Azek board that you are using.

For Azek boards with an outer shell, you use should use the TC-3S. For boards without an outer shell, you should use the ProClip. Unfortunately, if you have just one type of board, it can be tricky to determine what type of board you have.  Fortunately, there is a simple way to tell, color.

If your Azek deck board is Brownstone, Clay, Ivory, Slate Gray or White in color, your board does not have an outer shell.

Use the ProClip for these Colors

For these colors, you should use the ProClip.

If your Azek deck board is Fawn or Kona in color, you board does have an outer shell.

Use the TC-3s for these Colors

For these colors, you should use the TC-3S.

We hope this helps.  If you have further questions, feel free to comment below.


  1. sammy

    For 2010, Azek added a new collection: Arbor Collection with three new colors: Morado, Redland Rose, and Acacia. What type of fasteners should I use with Redland Rose?

    More info:
    Arbor Collection: Morado, Redland Rose, and Acacia.
    Terra Collection:Kona, Fawn, Sedona, Tahoe.
    Harvest Collection: Brownstone, Slate Gray, Clay, White.

  2. diyhomecenter

    Hi Sammy,

    Thanks for the question regarding the new Azek colors.

    I just spoke with Tiger Claw regarding your question. For the new 2010 colors, including Redland Rose, you should use the Tiger Claw TC-3S.

    There is a link to the TC-3S on our product website in the original post.

    • Sammy

      Great. Thank you!

  3. Bill Tracey

    What is the difference between the ProClip and the Tiger Claw fastening system? How do these systems rate with other hidden fastening methods such as the system put out by Kreg?

    • diyhomecenter

      Hey Bill,

      Thanks for the question.

      The ProClip (which is manufactured by Tiger Claw) is a “pound-in” fastener that is most similar to the Tiger Claw TC-2 (for softwoods), TC-3 (composites) and TC-4 (for hardwoods). Tiger Claw also makes fasteners for grooved decking. The grooved decking fasteners are installed in a different method than that of the ProClip.

      You can learn more about the ProClip on our website:

      I hadn’t heard of the Kreg system before so I did a little research. It appears to be a jig system where you toe-screw the decking. In this system there is no hidden fastener, just the screw.

      Hope this helps!

  4. Mark Radcliffe

    Question on the Tiger Claw Pro Clips, just as clarification as I sell the AZEK decking in the HD Ohio markets. Above, it was mentioned that this is a “pound-in” fastener. Practically, this just means you’re hammering into the side with a normal hammer, or does this mean something else? I have not seen the clips aside from the e-representation but we can get the customer these clips via our Pro Desks.

    • diyhomecenter

      Hi Mark,

      Thank you for you question.

      Yes, you are correct. This implies that you attach the clip from the side. However, you do not pound directly on the clip. The clip is first put into an installation block (included in all boxes and buckets).

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