Purely Products Earth Week Promotion

Pocket Purifier

Pocket Purifier



In celebration of Earth Week, our friends at Purely Products are celebrating with a ‘2010 for 2010’ promotion.

What is it?  It’s a free giveaway of up to 2010 of their environmentally friendly products!

How do you get one?  Simple!

  1. Become a fan on their Purely Products Facebook fan page & share a post of the 2010 Purely Earth Day Giveaway. OR….
  2. Become a new Twitter follower @purelyproducts & retweet the promotion (of course you can do both). IF…
  3. You’re already a Purely Products Facebook fan or a Twitter follower, share the post on your FB page or retweet the promotion. THEN…
  4. Email Purely at customerservice@purelyproducts.com and tell them if you tweeted or Facebook fanned them and include your shipping address.

IMPORTANT UPDATE – PLEASE READ! — Please be sure to join the appropriate Purely Products Twitter or Facebook Fan Page described above. Also, be sure to e-mail Purely Products at the e-mail address listed in step 4. We have received several e-mails here at DIY from people confusing as a DIY Promotion (it is not). If you sent us an e-mail, don’t worry, we’ve already forwarded it to Purely Products, but be sure to do step 1 or 2!  You can learn more about their promotion on their blog.

Be sure to check out a video demonstration of the Healthy CFL below!

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