FastenMaster’s LedgerLok Speeds Deck Assembly

If you’re looking to speed up your deck production, look no further than FastenMaster’s LedgerLok ledger-board screws.

FastenMaster LedgerLok Ledger Board Fasteners

FastenMaster LedgerLok Ledger Board Fasteners: Faster, Easier, Stronger

FastenMaster LedgerLok is designed to quickly and securely attach the deck’s ledger board to the house’s rim joist, with no pre-drilling or impact wrench required. The sharp gimlet point that eliminates pre-drilling allows you to install the fasteners with a single tool: A 14.4-volt cordless drill or better is recommended. The LedgerLok built-in washer head means no dealing with additional washers, and has the added advantage of preventing over-driving of the screw.

The screws, available is in 3 5/8-inch and 5-inch lengths, undergo a proprietary three-step coating process for guaranteed corrosion protection and are ACQ approved. LedgerLok boasts stronger design shear values than 1/2″ lags and super-size threads that grab hard into joists.

The increased production made possible by LedgerLok will enhance your bottom line, and the finished project will please your customers. That’s a definite win-win situation. And to sweeten the deal even further, a free 5/16-inch driver is included in every package.

DIY Home Center is pleased to carry FastenMaster Deck Screws & Fasteners to help you complete your deck projects “Faster, Easier, Stronger”.

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