Penofin Penetrating Oil Finishes & Wood Stains

Penofin Oil Finish & Wood Stain

DIY Home Center is pleased to announce that we’ve added Penofin Penetrating Oil Finishes and Wood Stains to our collection of fine products.  Unlike other stains on the market, Penofin is formulated to penetrate deep into the woods surface, coating the individual fibers of the wood. This permits moisture to pass in and of the wood, allowing the wood to breathe.

We know you don’t cut corners on your wood projects, so you’ll be reassured to know that Penofin uses the best, safest raw materials available without compromise. Penofin exterior finishes were formulated to safeguard the natural beauty of wood and to prevent discoloration from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Penofin also resists and retards bleeding caused by nails. Two key ingredients contribute to Penofin’s exceptional abilities:

  • Brazilian Rosewood Oil provides tough, deep down moisture protection while still allowing the wood to “breathe.” There’s no surface film to trap moisture, chip, or peel. The oil is sustainably harvested from the seeds of the Brazilian Rosewood tree; no trees are ever cut to produce this oil.
  • Microscopically fine, transoxide pigments inhibit ultraviolet damage and darkening. They add deep, rich color without hiding the natural beauty of the grain.

By precisely combining these and other ingredients, Penofin is able to offer a line of transparent oil wood finishes unmatched in durability and beauty.

DIY Home Center now carries Penofin’s wide range of applications – Wood Prep, Exterior Wood, Interior Wood, Composite Wood, Concrete and Marine – in  quarts, gallons and five gallons for any size home improvement project.

A Penofin application is easy to maintain when applied according to directions. You will never see a surface film when using Penofin, nor will you ever see cracking, bubbling or peeling. You will never need to strip or sand again: Simply clean the wood thoroughly, let dry and apply a light coat to any areas of the wood that may show wear and tear. It will easily blend in with the rest of the application.

Trust your wood projects to the quality of Penofin, available in a pleasing range of rich colors from DIY Home Center!

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