Find the Perfect Replacement UV Bulbs for Filters, Sterilizers

If you use UV bulbs in your pond, water or air filter or sterilizer, you know that there are an overwhelming number of replacement bulbs on the market. And you may also know that timely replacement of your old bulbs is extremely important: Your germicidal ultraviolet bulb’s effectiveness will decrease with age and hours used.

100% Quartz Purely UV bulbs

At DIY Home Center, we want shopping for your replacement UV bulbs to be quick and convenient, and we want you to have confidence that you’ve made the right selection. That’s why DIY Home Center offers two easy ways to find your perfect UV bulb match, and why we carry only 100% quartz first quality Purely UV germicidal replacements bulbs.

We make locating the correct replacement bulb for your product – from air purifiers to pond filters – simple. Just visit our handy UV Replacement Bulb Cross Reference Database and select your manufacturer from the alphabetical list, then choose your individual product from the results. Alternately, you can also locate your germicidal bulb by base by matching your existing bulb to one of the bases pictured, then matching the wattage or length of your bulb. Either way, you’ll quickly be shown the perfect premium Purely UV bulb for your needs.

Remember: When you order 3 or more of the same bulb, you’ll get 15% OFF + FREE Shipping! All other shipping is a flat $6; order as many as you like!

Share your photos: We’d love to see your pond! Send us your photos at and we’ll feature them in a future post! Be sure to let us which Purely UV bulb you use…

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