Cypress Deck Fastener Questions Answered!

Hard or soft, light or dark, oily or dry, the world of wood offers a wonderfully wide array of options for construction. Cypress, native to many areas of the United States and used to by settlers to build shelters in colonial times, is known for its remarkable ability to weather variations in temperature and moisture. The cypress tree produces cypressine which acts as a natural preservative while repelling insects. As a result, cypress is a popular wood in building structures like decks and fences.

Tiger Claw understands the needs of such softer woods and has developed superior products to enable builders to produce a smooth nail free surface to emphasize the beauty of a deck’s wood while respecting the wood’s composition. Because cypress wood may be installed either green or kiln dried, questions about the proper Tiger Claw fastener choice arise.

Advice, direct from Tiger Claw

Tiger Claw TC-1S

Tiger Claw TC-1S, a fastener choice for green cypress wood

Cypress can be used for decking when it is still green and has a high moisture content. In this situation, Tiger Claw recommends their TC-1S or TC-2S hidden fasteners because they allow the boards to be installed tightly together. As the boards dry, they shrink creating a gap between each board. From a design perspective, the TC-1S or TC-2S are identical fasteners. While TC-1S is made from heavy gauge steel with a Magni 599© black sealer topcoat, the TC-2S is made from annealed stainless steel  – guaranteed to never rust – with a black oxide sealer topcoat.

Cypress may also be kiln dried before installation, and in this case, we would recommend the Tiger Claw TC-3S to create a gap between the boards during installation. This is needed because the boards will likely expand as they acclimate to a more humid environment.

If you have any questions about fastener compatibility, the lumber professionals at Tiger Claw are ready to help you identify the best product for your project.

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