Reclaim the Unused Area Under Your Deck with Under-Deck!

Look under your deck. What do you see? The spectral thorn forest in Sleeping Beauty? Patches of grass struggling to grow amongst dirt patches? Unidentifiable insects scurrying about? Why not turn that space into livable area with an UnderDeck Deck Drainage System? UnderDeck is a unique deck drainage system that easily turns that unused, wasted area under elevated decks into pleasant, livable space.

As a homeowner, UnderDeck gives you the option to relax under your deck in any weather, enjoying the outdoors, making use of space that was previously wasted with an under-deck ceiling. As a contractor, you know that suggesting an UnderDeck Deck Drainage System to immediately add usable square footage to your clients’ property will be a well-recieved benefit.  The system, available in tan or white color options, can be installed to any new or existing elevated deck, and with UnderDeck’s simple installation, it’s easy enough to be installed by a homeowner as well as tough enough to be appreciated by contractors.


A beautiful UnderDeck installation

The patented design provides easy access to the joist space without disturbing other panels and allows for addition of ceiling fans, lights and porch swings. Furthermore, its arched panels in the joist space maximizes the existing deck’s height. Under Deck is also the only system that is removable after installation. It can easily be taken down and put back up to work on your deck. There is no other similar product that offers this feature.

On our website, you can use our Under-deck estimator to calculate and order a kit. Simply select the depth and width of your deck and your joist spacing and select ‘Calculate Kit’.

With DIY Home Center, you can order with confidence. DIY Home Center works direct with the manufacturer!

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