M Brace Raised Bed Corners for Easy Elevated Gardens

Do you live in an area with less than ideal soil quality? Maybe you just want to separate your plants, like fruits and vegetables or flowers, from the surrounding area. The M Brace™ Raised Garden Bed Bracket by Outdoor Essentials is the answer to your gardening needs!

Before the summer heat, the raised bed corners elevate your garden, allowing you to work with soil during spring’s awakening to jump start to your gardening. Raised beds are low maintenance due to their compact construction, height and well-defined space, and allow for both better drainage and easy access throughout the garden season.

Outdoor Essentials M Brace, Swirl Design

Outdoor Essentials M Brace, Swirl Design

The M Brace raises your garden to loftier heights with American-made recycled metal, helping you to create a raised garden bed using common lumber—even old fence boards or grape stakes. Portable and adjustable up to 12 feet per side, this unique design allows you enjoy an accessible, easy to tend raised garden bed that you can fill with the soil your plants need. Moreover, the wide range of design choices for your raised bed corners, from squiggles to bars to carrots, is sure to bring a touch of individuality to your outdoor space!

The M Brace is easily assembled in a simple three step process:

  1. Cut the boards.
  2. Stack the boards in the M Brace.
  3. Fill with soil.

That’s it! Available in unfinished steel or antique bronze finish, this great product was purposely designed to have superior strength, so no need to worry about flimsy corners or inclement weather. To see the easy installation of this
comely product in action, check out this video:

Extend your planting season, love your garden and beautify your corner of the world, all at the same time with Outdoor Essentials M Brace Raised Garden Bed Bracket, now at DIY Home Center!

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