The Best Time to Apply Penofin Deck Stain

As the high heat and humidity of summer retreats, conditions become perfect to stain and/or clean your wood and concrete. When it comes to this important job which preserves the quality of key elements of your outdoor space like decks, patios and walkways, there is none better than Penofin.

Penofin Blue Label Exterior Penetrating Oil Finish

Penofin deck stains, with their revolutionary formula, penetrate deep into the wood’s surface, coating the individual fibers of the wood and allowing moisture to pass in and out. All Penofin stains contain Brazilian Rosewood Oil, which is a strong, flexible, water and mildew resistant oil that is sustainably harvested from the seeds of the Brazilian Rosewood tree (no trees are cut for production). Rosewood oil allows wood to retain its flexibility and creates no surface film.

Many times, we get questions about when to apply Penofin stain to surfaces. Generally speaking, you should not apply Penofin outdoors at temperatures under 45 degrees or above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. A good rule of thumb is to trust your own temperature gauge. If you put your hand on the wood and it’s uncomfortably hot, then it is too hot to apply Penofin. The product may flash (like oil in a hot pan) and dry on the surface, which will eventually cause darkening and the coat will chip and peel. If your nose is cold, it’s too cold to apply Penofin. The product will not penetrate the wood as efficiently at colder temperatures and the application will not last as long. The cooler temperatures of fall provide an ideal temperature range for any Penofin application. As for rain, ideally you should apply Penofin 24 hours after rain when there is no chance for more rain in the proceeding 24 hours.

With Penofin stain, you will never see cracking, bubbling or peeling. In fact, you will never need to strip or sand again! Simply clean the wood thoroughly, let dry and apply a light coat to any areas of the wood that may show wear and tear….it will easily blend in with the rest of the application. Furthermore, Penofin contains superior ultraviolet protection, which virtually eliminates fading due to sunlight. For instance, Blue Label Penofin has 90% ultraviolet protection from transoxide pigments.

DIY Home Center carries a wide range of Penofin stain applications – Wood Prep, Exterior Wood, Interior Wood, Composite Wood, Concrete and Marine – from the Blue, Red, Gold and Green labels in quarts, gallons and five gallons.

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  1. Craig

    Before reading this, I would have thought hot summer days were the best time to stain my deck. Sounds like autumn with the cooler lower humidity days are ideal for wood to absorb Penofin stain. Thanks for the advice.

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