12,500 Diapers Donated to diaperLove! Thank You!

For growing numbers of families caught in personal or economic crisis and natural disasters, a supply of disposable diapers is an ongoing critical need that is unrecognized and unmet. There are wonderful organizations that feed, clothe, heal and house children, but a major void exists in meeting the basic, fundamental, hygienic need for an adequate supply of diapers. To address this vacancy, the diaperLove charity was created to provide diapers to children in need.

DiaperLove Donation with Purely UV Bulbs

We at DIY Home Center were humbled to be partnering with diaperLove and Purely Products to cover as many bottoms as we could in 2011 by donating 12 diapers with any Purely UV bulb purchase. We are so happy to announce that we have already achieved our goal of 12,500 diapers, three months early!

We would like to first thank to Purely Products for their assistance in facilitating this partnership. A company who aims to put products in customers’ hands that make eco-friendly decisions for clean, healthy living easier ad more affordable, Purely UV’s 100% quartz UV germicidal replacements bulbs for air, water and pond filters and sterilizers are top rate tools for cleanliness, and we are proud to carry such an exceptional product.

Secondly, we would like to thank diaperLove for working tirelessly to assist children and families in need of diapers. Their work eases the burden of this important hygienic need in communities throughout the country, and we are all stronger because of their assistance.

Lastly, we thank everyone who helped us reach this goal of 12,500 diapers donated by purchasing Purely UV bulbs from us. With diaperLove helping communities, Purely Products promoting good health with superior products like UV bulbs, and our customers helping us achieve this lofty goal with these organizations, we realize how lucky we are.

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