CAMO Marksman Pro NB Installation Tool for Narrow Deck Boards

Remember the buzz that the CAMO Marksman Pro created last year? The Marksman Pro made it easy to hide your deck fasteners and get a smooth, beautiful deck finish. It was fast and efficient, it almost felt a bit like cheating it worked so well.

Of course, we thought the tool was great—but since it couldn’t work with deck boards smaller than 5 ¼” we hoped that CAMO would offer a version that worked with narrow boards.

CAMO Marksman Pro NB

They’ve delivered. With the new CAMO Marksman Pro NB, you can work with boards from 3 ¼” to 5″. That’s huge—especially for hardwoods.

Like the Marksman Pro, the Marksman Pro NB is a tough, contractor-grade tool that will stand up to use and abuse. It works with any type of deck board, including composites, PVC, and wood. It requires no pre-drilling. Plus, the fasteners come with a limited lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion.

We think the Marksman Pro NB and the CAMO Deck Hidden Fastening System is great for contractors and do-it-yourselfers.

Since it’s sturdy and tough, contractors don’t have to worry about it breaking down while in the middle of a job. A do-it-yourselfer can rely on its ease of use—just set, load, and drive. The Marksman Pro – NB even helps you get seamless 3/16″ deck board spacing.

We’re excited to be offering this tool—and it’s available right now. Check out the full line of CAMO products at — or, if you have any questions, call us at 888-349-4660 or leave a comment below.

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