Deckorators Copper Balusters – New Color for 2012!

People are creating some great looks for their decks by combining different railing styles. We talked about Deckorators Matte Black Balusters already, but another product we’re looking forward to this spring is the new Deckorators Copper Balusters—they’ll look great with Deckorators copper post caps!

Deckorators Copper Balusters

Deckorators Copper Balusters

We like Deckorators because they look good—and they’re known for being strong and functional. In fact, Deckorators just passed AAMA 2604, a new standard that means the coating on their balusters has five times more outdoor exposure performance and two times more humidity exposure performance than the AAMA 2603 standard.

You can have confidence that Deckorators Copper Balusters will look great for a long time—with minimal care. Perfect for busy homeowners like yourself.

The copper baluster style isn’t available yet, but as soon as it is, DIY Home Center will have it!

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