Replace Your UV Bulb Now with Purely UV Bulbs

Did you know that experts recommend replacing your UV bulbs at least once a year? If you want to ensure the effectiveness of your UV bulbs and UV sterilizer lamps, now is the time of year to replace them.

Whether you’re using your bulb for a koi pond or an aquarium, we consider Purely UV 100% quartz germicidal ultraviolet bulbs the bulb of choice.

UV Bulb replacements

Replace UV Bulbs Once a Year for the Best Performance

Guaranteed to last for 8,000 hours, and often more affordable than other leading brands, Purely UV bulbs are a great replacement bulb for air, water and pond filters, and sterilizer applications.

We know that it might be confusing to replace your UV bulbs, so we made it super-easy for you to find the right replacement bulb. You can cross-reference by manufacturer or just scroll down on our UV bulb page, hold up your current bulb, and match its base to the one you see on your screen.

Aside from being a great UV bulb, there is another great reason to purchase Purely UV bulbs—to support a great humanitarian cause.

For every bulb you purchase, a dozen diapers are donated to diaperLove, an organization that distributes diapers to families where, due to economic circumstances, children sometimes spend days in a soiled diaper. You can prevent this without any extra work or cost—just go to our site and replace your current bulb with a Purely Products one.

Check out our great selection of Purely UV bulbs on DIY Home Center.

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