The M Brace Mini Make a Fun Sandbox or Garden For Kids

m brace mini

m brace mini garden for kids

Are your kids always digging in the dirt while you’re out in the garden? Why not give them their own place to play? The M Brace Mini makes it easy to do just that — whether it’s a raised garden for kids or a cool-looking sandbox.

The M Brace Mini is just like the M Brace–only it’s smaller, with clever and fun styles that make it perfect for kids. Like the M Brace, the M Brace Mini requires no tools, so the hard part–assembly–is easy.

This makes building a raised garden bed or a sandbox for the kids a fun and easy outdoor project. They can even help put it together!

All you need to do is get the M Brace Mini, and then get some rot-resistant 2×8’s or 2×10’s from your local lumber yard. After a few minutes of sliding boards into the M Brace Mini, you can fill it with dirt or sand, depending on what the little ones want.

The M Brace Mini are 7” tall and 6” wide and come in packs of four. They’re available in many different colors and styles, including Purple Butterfly, Green Frog, Yellow Flower, Orange Snail, Blue Bunny and Terra Cotta Dragonfly.
m brace miniThink of the fond memories you’ll create with your kids with their new outdoor play area. You’ll love that your kids are outdoors and having a great time. And grandparents will love watching your kids play–they may even be able to share a bit of gardening wisdom.

Put this project on your to do list and be sure to check back at the DIY Home Center when we get the M Brace Mini in stock.

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