Screw Products C-Deck Screws Approved For Use with Trex Decking!

Screws for Trex Decking

Screw Products C-Deck Screws Approved For Trex Decking

Screw ProductsC-Deck screws have been approved for use with Trex decking! Well, OK, maybe you’re not as excited as we are.

But we think that exclamation point is well-deserved because Screw Products and Trex are both high quality deck products that are great to work with–and they produce beautiful looking decks.

Camout, that frustrating sensation of a screwdriver slipping out of the screw head (yeah, you know what we’re talking about), is a thing of the past with Screw Products screws. These screws bite into the material, driving easily while preventing mushrooming.

And Trex is the country’s largest manufacturer of wood-alternative decking, railing and fencing products. They have a well-deserved reputation of providing quality deck products that never crack, rot, or splinter.

So, when you combine these two products, you’re likely to end up with a beautiful deck that’s perfect for a quiet night of conversation and wine or a boisterous gathering with your family and friends.

We don’t stock Trex decking, but we’re definitely the place to go to for the C-Deck screws! If you are looking for screws for Trex decking, we have them in stock now at DIY Home Center.

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