Penofin Verde – High Quality, No Fumes! Now Available at

Many companies are using the term “green” to describe their products or their approach towards manufacturing. Green makes you think eco-friendly, sustainability, and safe. It means someone thought about making the product so it’s better for us and the environment–while making sure it delivers just as much performance.

Penofin Verde

Penofin Verde

That’s exactly what Penofin did with their Penofin Verde stain.

They just decided to use the Italian verde instead of the English green.

That means that you’re not only taking care of yourself and the environment when you use Penofin Verde, you’re making sure you get a high quality professional result for your efforts.

Penofin Verde has no fumes, you can use it around pets and children, there aren’t any petroleum distillates, and it can be used indoors and outdoors.

With Penofin Verde, you get all the benefits of working with Penofin–it dries quickly, penetrates deeply, and it’s easy to apply. It will give your deck (or siding, fencing, furniture, floors, countertops, and cabinets) a high-quality, durable finish with beautiful, rich color.

Penofin Verde comes in several colors and we stock five of the most popular–natural, cedar, rosewood, cypress, and mahogany. We know you’ll like the quality and end result of Penofin, and you can’t beat its verde-ness!

Make sure you take a look at our how to stain a deck with Penofin post and then head on over to DIY Home Center to pick up your supply of Penofin Verde, in stock now!

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