How to Install Deck Boards at a 45 Degree Angle with the CAMO Marksman Pro

You might think that installing your deck boards at 45 degrees isn’t possible with the CAMO Marksman Pro and the CAMO Hidden Fastener system–but it is. And, thankfully, it’s a project that an intrepid DIYer such as yourself is capable of tackling.

As CAMO explains in their how to video below, it’s a straightforward process to create a deck with 45-degree deck boards.

But before you check out the installation video, a quick note: Unlike a traditional installation where you can use both ends of the CAMO Marksman Pro to drive in the fasteners, with a 45-degree installation, you can only use one side at a time. (A minor inconvenience when you consider the end result!)

Don’t forget, DIY Home Center has the Marksman, the Marksman Pro, the Marksman Pro NB, and all the CAMO fasteners you could ever need to create your dream deck. Check out our wide selection at DIY Home Center.

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