Relieve the Heat with auraMIST and Schaefer Portable Misting Fans

With what appears to be a hot–very hot–summer on the horizon, now is the time to make the investment in a misting system for your deck, patio, or anywhere where you want relief from the heat.

The portable misting fans available at DIY Home Center can make a huge difference in your outdoor enjoyment by reducing the temperature around the misting fan by as much as 30 degrees! Doesn’t that sound nice?

This is truly a case where the phrase “better living through technology” applies. A misting fan by auraMIST or Schaefer Fan makes your outdoor space not just tolerable, but enjoyable–even when temperatures are soaring and the sun is baking (just don’t forget your sunscreen!).

Theme parks, NFL and basketball sidelines, farms, restaurants with outdoor seating in hot climates, all these places are already using outdoor misting systems to provide relief, enhance safety, and cool people–and animals–off.  Schaefer’s VersaMist portable misting fans, Evolution Blue misting fans and WayCool Evaporative Coolers are great for comfort or safety.
Outdoor Misting Fans
Don’t Let the Heat Keep You Indoors
Hot weather doesn’t have to relegate you to the indoors. In fact, a mist fan can be the kitchen of the outdoors–the place where people congregate, converse, and cool down while enjoying fresh, outdoor air and open spaces. Just plug in the fan and connect a garden hose (most models) and enjoy the drop in temperature and instant relief.

Don’t Worry About Water Usage
You might be wondering–how much water do these things use? auraMIST Velos and auraMIST Brisa use just ⅛ of a gallon per hour of water. That’s less–way less–than the first 10 seconds of your morning shower. And unlike your morning shower, many of these fans use a dry mist that cools you off without wetting you down.

Don’t Be Fooled By Lower Prices
We’ve noticed many sites offering LAST years’ models for certain auraMIST misting fans. You’ll pay less, but you also won’t get the latest and greatest with improved technology and easier assembly.

With a hot summer already in progress, relief is in sight! Head on over to DIY Home Center and take a look at our auraMIST and Schaefer outdoor misting fans selection. We lay out all the details you need to get the perfect model for your outdoor space–and we offer free shipping!

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