How to Remove a Cammed Out Deck Screw

Ugh. You’re putting practically all your weight into the drill, pressing hard into the screw, and it’s just slipping. It’s called camout. It’s where the screw is rounded out, the bit doesn’t engage, and you get that stuck feeling.

FastenMaster’s Cammed Out Screw Tutorial on YouTube can help get you unstuck.

The concept is simple. Start with a bit one size up from the screw. Since most composites use a #1 square drive screw, you’d use a #2 square drive bit. Now, do the following:

  1. Use a hammer and a little controlled anger to firmly pound the #2 square drive bit into the cammed out screw head.
  2. Place a sleeve with a hex into your drill, making sure that the sleeve will fit snugly over the #2 square drive bit.
  3. Sleeve over the #2 square drive.
  4. Put your drill into reverse, on the lowest setting, and slowly remove the screw.

That’s it!

Now you can go ahead and grab a new screw–preferably one that’s not cammed out–and reinstall. Or, better yet, check out our selection of FastenMaster Deck Screws and never have this problem again!

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