Aurora Deck Lighting Beats Shorter Days with Classy-Looking Deck Light Options

Aurora Sirius Deck Lights

Aurora Sirius Deck Lights

It’s not a popular subject for most, but there’s no denying it: the days are getting shorter and cooler. But that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to enjoy your deck for another couple months. Not when you can install Aurora Deck Lighting and put on a sweatshirt!

There’s no doubt that installing deck lighting on your deck adds a soothing ambiance and looks beautiful. But there’s also a practical side: being able to see.

Sure, you could install a spotlight. But we think you’d get more enjoyment out of having the soft glow of recessed deck lighting being illumined with the touch of a button on a remote control than with a bright spotlight summoning all the local bugs to your party.

Aurora Has Options for Any Deck

There are several options with Aurora Deck Lighting. You can get solar-lit post caps, pathway lights that install on the side of posts, or you can buy kits that help you install recessed lighting in your deck boards or strip LED lighting for your stairs or for under your deck rails.

Here’s something you might consider for decks without railings: Get the Aurora Phoenix Recessed Lighting Kit and install it on the perimeter of your deck. This will help you see all the deck edges at night and provide a soft glow that provides just enough light. These lights are available in a soft light, a brighter light, and a blue light.

For decks with railings, you could use the Aurora Deck Lighting Odyssey Strip LED Kit and install it underneath the railings and/or the stairs. These are really great for stairs–just think of how well that type of lighting works at movie theaters.

Aurora has plenty of options to meet your budget, your deck design, and the level of time you want to put into the project. You can check them all out on our Aurora Deck Lighting page on DIY Home Center and find out what is right for you.

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