Highpoint Deck Lighting Now Offered at DIY Home Center

Highpoint Lighting

Sometimes a little change—like installing deck lighting—makes a huge difference. Highpoint Lighting not only makes a difference by illuminating those lovely fall evenings on your deck, it also adds an elegance that comes from quality materials and stylish design.

That’s why we’re really excited to offer Highpoint Deck Lighting at DIY Home Center.

Imagine: a few subtle recessed step fixtures to highlight your steps and give off just enough light for an evening of enjoyment on your deck.

Or picture a warm glow of light pouring out from underneath your deck’s built-in benches.

Or how about illuminating the underbody of a nearby tree with an up tree Highpoint light and enjoying majestic nighttime views of a lush, green or stunning fall-colored tree while seated comfortably on your deck?

Chances are, Highpoint has a style and look just for you, letting you achieve practically any lighting effect you want.

Highpoint products are made of high quality materials like bronze, brass, copper, and stainless steel. Highpoint’s Earthscape powder coated finishes ensure that your new fixtures age beautifully, simulating the colors of nature.

Highpoint fixtures can be purchased with LED lights (virtually indiscernible from incandescent and much lower cost to operate) and also come with either a limited lifetime or 5 year warranty, depending on the model purchased.

It’s no wonder we’re excited about being able to help you dress up your deck with Highpoint lighting. Head over to DIY Home Center and check out the Highpoint possibilities for your deck.

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