Why You Should Install Your Deck Boards “Frown Down”

CAMO MarksmanIn a recent newsletter from CAMO, their Tips and Tricks section had a recommendation for installing deck boards when using CAMO products, particularly when you’re using pressure treated lumber. The recommendation? Install your deck boards “frown down.”

Installing your deck boards frown down “helps minimize cupping, where the face of the board warps up like the letter U.” If a deck board “cups,” a tripping hazard can develop, moisture will be retained on the deck, and rotting might occur. All this will increase the cost of maintenance on your deck and cost you more money over time.

An advantage to CAMO products is that their fasteners provide resistance against the natural inclination of the wood’s drying process and helps reduce splinting and checking on the deck’s surface. These advantages of the CAMO system, in addition to following the “frown down” recommendation, can help maintain the quality of your deck over time.

Keep in mind, however, that all woods are different and that “frown down” is just a best practice.

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