Highpoint Deck Lighting: Why Upgrade to LED Lighting?

Highpoint Lighting

Highpoint Lighting

Have you heard the phrase energy vampire? An Energy vampire is a device that consumes power in standby mode. Cell phone chargers, plasma TVs, game consoles, and more all consume energy when they are plugged in and not being used. It’s estimated that the average US household spends an additional $100 on their energy bill to power these energy vampires.

You can think of incandescent light bulbs as energy vampires when compared with LED lighting. Take the Highpoint Berkley Rail Light (a beautiful light, by the way) which comes with an incandescent light bulb that consumes 11 watts of energy. An LED bulb for the Berkley Rail Light uses only 1.5 watts of energy. The incandescent bulb consumes about seven times more energy–which also means it costs you about seven times more to operate.

Aside from saving money on operating cost, you save money on the wiring and on the transformer. When you upgrade to LED lighting, you can use the 18/2 low voltage wire which is cheaper than the 12/2 wire.

With LED lights, you need much less wattage on your transformer (the LED wedge bulbs can be powered by A/C or DC so you can use the standard A/C transformer–some LED lights are DC only). If you’re running 20 lights on the transformer, you can save around $100 because you’ll only need a 44 watt transformer for the LED lights (instead of the 300 watt transformer you would need if using the 11 watt incandescent bulbs).

Of course, you will spend more money on the LED bulbs. But keep in mind these LED bulbs are rated for 50,000 hours of use! Incandescent bulbs can’t come close to that, and on average only get 1,000 to 2,000 hours of use.

We think it’s a smart move to upgrade to LED lighting–and so do a lot of others, which is why many governments around the world are passing measures to increase lighting efficiency, effectively banning incandescent lights which can’t meet the new standards.

Ready to upgrade? Here’s a pro tip: When you buy your transformer, you should only plan to use about 80% of the total transformer capacity. Using the full capacity of your transformer is like driving your car with the “pedal to the metal.”

One more tip: Head on over to DIY Home Center for all your Highpoint Deck Lighting needs–and more!


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