Fast Railing Section Installs with Screw Products RailLok

RaillokThe RailLok by Screw Products is a quick and secure way to attach your pre-assembled railing sections to rail posts.

Available in white or black powder coat finish, the RailLok brackets can contribute a stylish flair in addition to providing excellent lateral strength for this important deck connection.

The RailLok quickly installs to the rail post using four screws for each bracket. Just measure your distances, mark off the install locations, and then screw the brackets into place. When four RailLoks are mounted, you can place the pre-assembled railing section in the RailLok slots and then fasten the rail section into place using two screws.

Featuring quick installs and safe, secure connections, the RailLok is a great product to make sure your railings are well-mounted and locked into place. These brackets are built to outlast the life of the railing, making them a safe investment for your deck’s longevity.

Screw Products RailLok is available now at DIY Home Center.

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