VegTrug Planters Make Raised Gardening Easy

We’ve written about using Timber Hex or the M Brace to create your own raised garden bed–but perhaps that is a little too ambitious for someone just starting out. That’s where the VegTrug comes in–not only is it perfect for someone getting started with gardening, it’s also great for those with limited space, or for gardening pros who don’t want to kneel and bend over to garden.



A trug is a shallow oblong basket made of strips of wood which has traditionally been used for carrying flowers or produce. A veg–well a veg is short for vegetable which is what you’ll be enjoying once you assemble your VegTrug and plant some produce.

Speaking of assembly, the VegTrug assembles easily, relying on cutouts in the wood, an intuitive assembly process, and easy-to-follow online videos that show you how. It’s so easy, in fact, that you better make sure you plan to have your compost, soil, and seeds ready to go when your VegTrug is delivered.

The advantages to the VegTrug are many:

  • No more bending or kneeling to work on your garden
  • The height keeps bunnies away from your produce
  • Work well in small spaces
  • Great for kids, the elderly–and anyone who loves to garden
  • Perfect for those just getting started gardening
  • They have an undeniable coolness factor (guaranteed to impress the Joneses)

There are various VegTrug sizes depending on your level of ambition, the space you have, and how much you want to grow. The mini gives you roughly 30” x 30” of gardening space. This scales all the way to the large which gives you roughly 30” x 80” of growing space. Each VegTrug comes with a liner and has optional accessories like a cover which can help you extend your growing season and protect your plants from insects and flies.

Just imagine making a pizza and then heading out to your VegTrug and grabbing some basil for some great seasoning. Or use the basil to make your own pesto! How about growing some mint for some refreshing mint mojitos during those hot summer months? And those are just herbs–you could grow cauliflower, beets, lettuce, green peppers, tomatoes, carrots, peas, and the list goes on. Your summer salads have never tasted better!

We can’t think of a more fun and exciting way to start gardening or to add some extra gardening space. Get the whole family involved, grow your own food, eat healthier, and have fun in the process!

Now’s the time to get your own VegTrug and plan for a full season of good eating.   The VegTrug is available now at DIY Home Center.

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