Polywood Coastal Furniture is Here — Relax in Comfort and Style!

POLYWOOD Coastal Collection

POLYWOOD Coastal Collection

If relaxed, casual, and carefree are words that you want to use to describe your outdoor area, consider the Polywood Coastal Collection. One look at the chairs in this collection and we think you’ll be hard-pressed not to imagine yourself in flip flops enjoying a balmy summer breeze on your deck or patio.

The Polywood Coastal Collection offers sturdy chairs that conform to your body and provide firm back support. These chairs feature a white sling fabric that dries quickly, is tear and mildew resistant, and blends perfectly with the seven colors that the Coastal Collection comes in. A benefit of the sling fabric is that prevents you from taking the chair with you as you get up–no sticking to furniture on hot summer days with this collection!

Whether you’re sitting at a bar, a counter, or a table–or just sitting–the Coastal Collection offers chairs to fit the needs of your outdoor space. If you need a little extra height, counter chairs and bar chairs give it to you. For a traditional height dining table, the dining chair is just right. If you’re space-conscious, the Coastal Folding Chair folds up and stands upright, enabling it to be conveniently stored in a basement or garage for the winter.

Polywood’s furniture is an environmentally conscious choice. The lumber is 90% recycled plastic which is cleaned to a high purity level by Polywood. Along with being environmentally conscious, the product performs. It’s stylish, comfortable, and built to last–and the company shows their confidence by offering a 20 year warranty when their products are used residentially.

We think it’s pretty easy to imagine the aroma of burgers, hot dogs, and maybe even kabobs wafting into your nostrils while you’re seated on one of these comfy and stylish Coastal Collection chairs. They’ll make a great addition to your deck or patio–and that’s why we’re excited to offer the Polywood Coastal Collection at DIY Home Center.

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