Polywood MOD Furniture Captures Comfort and Style for Your Outdoor Space



The modern look is sleek and uncluttered, offering an appealing simplicity that can shift the focus from furniture to family and friends, creating an enjoyable and memorable outdoor space. You can create this style for your outdoor area with the Polywood MOD collection.The Polywood MOD collection captures the essence of the modern look, without sacrificing comfort. Vibrant colors like lemon, sunset red, and tangerine liven up your outdoor area–and with even more colors available, the MOD collection can fit in with an existing color scheme.

With benches, armchairs, dining tables, counter tables, and bar tables,we think the Polywood MOD collection will let you configure a patio, screened-in porch, deck, and more in the style which suits the way you entertain.

For example, two Polywood MOD benches go perfectly with the 36”x73” table–add two armchairs and you have an attracting seating arrangement for at least six people, making a great configuration for a family or a couples evening with your closest friends. Two dining chairs and a counter table supporting two glasses of wine could be a perfect way to end a work-filled day. The possibilities are numerous.

Polywood is known for using recycled material, especially milk jugs, to create durable and sustainable furniture solutions. Polywood’s furniture offers the weight and feel of real wood and the longevity of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). They offer a 20 year guarantee for residential use, making their products a true investment that stand the test of time.

The Polywood MOD collection is attractive, comfortable, and easy to maintain–and it’s available now at DIY Home Center.

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