Grow Your Garden with Gronomics This Year

GronomicsIf you’re not a gardener already, one look at Gronomics gardening products might change your mind. And if you are a gardener, well, then you’re sure to love Gronomics–it’s high quality, classy, AND functional.

Gronomics makes raised garden beds, modular garden beds, elevated garden beds, and vertical gardening systems that give you excellent options for whatever growing scenario you might encounter in your yard.

For a small plot of land which needs to make efficient use of space, check out the Gronomics Vertical Garden System. You’ll save on soil, use less water, and discourage weeds. If you hook up their irrigation system–and get a timer–you’ll have a low maintenance, high yield garden.

A Gronomics raised garden bed works perfectly in most suburban yards. For a new gardener, the 48x48x6.5 Rustic Raised Garden Bed is a perfect start. You’ll enjoy fresh vegetables while working on developing a green thumb. Larger models, such as the 48x95x13, give you plenty of growing space for a season of healthy eating.

Getting Gronomics isn’t like buying furniture where you have to review a parts list and crawl around on the floor for an hour to assemble. Gronomics assembles quickly and easily. In fact, you can leave your tools in the garage–the boards just slip together. Put it this way: you’ll want to make sure you have your soil and seeds ready to go.

If you’re among the many people concerned about food quality, soil quality, and pesticide use, then you know that having your own garden is a great investment in your health and well-being. With many great gardening products, high quality design, and easy assembly, we think Gronomics is a great investment for your garden. Check out our selection of Gronomics at DIY Home Center.

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