Available Now: Cortex Hidden Fastening System for PVC Trim

Cortex for Trim

Cortex for Trim

It’s easy for trim to dry rot–even if you paint and maintain it. That’s why many people are replacing their wood trim with PVC, a longer lasting, more durable material that requires less maintenance. But if you’re using standard fastening methods, like using trim nails, you’re costing yourself extra, unnecessary work.

Trim nails set below the surface and you need more of them because they’re not strong. Because they are set below the surface, you’ll want to use a filler to make the surface flat. Then you need to sand the surface–and probably do some painting after that. It kind of defeats the purpose of using low maintenance PVC trim!

That’s why the Cortex Hidden Fastening System for PVC Trim works great.

The Cortex Hidden Fastening System for PVC Trim comes with a screw that creates a perfect hole in the PVC. After screwing in the screw, you use the setting tool to set the screw below the surface. Next you use a plug which is made from the same material as the trim and fits snugly in the additional space created by setting the screw below the surface. After pounding in the plug with a hammer, the fastener location is barely noticeable.

You only need to install two fasteners every 16 inches on center, and two at every joint–or as recommended by the manufacturer.

This system makes working with low maintenance PVC trim quick and straightforward. You’ll enjoy appreciating your attractive trim–without having to carve time out of your busy schedule to maintain it–for years to come.

The Cortex Hidden Fastener System for PVC Trim is available now at DIY Home Center.

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