FastenMaster’s BACK Line Drywall Fasteners For New Installation Or Drywall Repair

FastenMaster BACK LineThe right tools can make a project easier, more time efficient, and more enjoyable. When it comes to drywalling, the FastenMaster BACK Line has the right tools–whether it’s hanging a room of drywall, patching a large hole, or fixing a recurring crack.

The BACK Line consists of four products with specialized functions.

  • CornerBACK – Reduces nailing and helps create straight corners using only two studs.
  • FramerBACK – Helps with straight corners but also great for hanging ceilings and preventing ceiling cracking.
  • InstaBACK – Makes patch repair for large holes easy and helps create better butt joints.
  • InvisiBACK – Repair cracks less than four feet long without extracting an entire sheet of drywall.

If you’ve had experience with drywalling, you’ll immediately recognize these fasteners as superior, time-saving products. Anything that eliminates deadwood nailers is a good thing!

If you’re a first-timer, you might not notice the time-saving benefits, but you will appreciate the reduced nailing and easier framing these products enable. (Just take a look at your ceiling and see if you notice any quarter-sized indentations–you probably will–that’s why reduced nailing is a good thing!)

Whether you’re a first-timer or a pro…whether you’re drywalling a room, an entire building, or just fixing a crack or a hole…the FastenMaster BACK Line has time and material saving products that help you do a better job.

That’s why you’ll find the drywall fasteners available now at DIY Home Center.

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