Penofin Knotwood Composite Deck Stain Renews Your Deck

Penofin Knotwood Oil Finish

Penofin Knotwood Color Swatches

Is your composite wood deck fading and showing its age? You might be tempted to ignore the problem, expecting an expensive time consuming restoration project. Not anymore. With Penofin Knotwood Oil Finish, you can restore beauty back into dulled and gray composite deck surfaces and keep your deck looking like new.

One application of the Brazillian Rosewood Oil in Penofin’s Knotwood Oil Finish penetrates your composite decking, restoring the color and life you originally enjoyed when you installed the deck.

Penofin Knotwood composite deck stain also protects your deck surface from spills–simply wipe spills up and Knotwood will prevent it from staining. Knotwood also prevents mildew formation. It’s like putting up a shield around your deck.

Penofin Knotwood comes in three natural wood tones: Knot Cedar, Knot Mahogany, and Knot Redwood. One gallon can cover approximately 400 square feet of rough deck surface.

Penofin recommends cleaning the composite surface with Penofin Pro-Tech Cleaner Step 2 prior to applying the Knotwood Oil Finish. Make sure the surface is clean and dry prior to each application. Cleaning the deck surface ensures a professional-looking job and even penetration.

With some simple maintenance and a small amount of elbow grease, you can keep your composite deck looking like new with Penofin’s Knotwood Oil Finish. Protect your investment and click over to DIY Home Center to purchase a gallon today!

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