How To Hide a Well Cover (and more) In Your Yard

Do you have something to hide? That’s what Dekorra Products wants to know. Because if you do, they have a solution for you–a hard-to-tell-it’s-not-real rock cover.

Faux Rock Covers

Faux Rock Covers

Chances are you’ve seen a faux rock cover over a well cover or a septic cover, but how about a pressure tank or a pool filter? Even for large size items, Dekorra Products has a rock enclosure to conceal it.

Dekorra’s rocks come in several colors, autumn bluff, sandstone, riverbed, and fieldstone. There are a variety of different sizes and shapes to use depending on what you’re covering. The enclosure can be secured to the ground with heavy-duty stakes (included with each model) and a reinforced edge lets them withstand 100 lbs of pressure per square inch.

Dekorra is a Wisconsin-based company with a mission to conceal unsightly items in residential and commercial landscapes. They succeed with well-designed rock enclosures which replicate natural boulders and blend in with the landscaping.  Not to mention, all Dekorra rocks are made in the USA.

Take a look in your yard. Do you have a well cap or septic cover? Maybe an unsightly electrical box or irrigation pipes? Cover it up! Measure it and get the perfectly sized Dekorra rock enclosure to hide it.

Take a look at the selection of Dekorra Products rock enclosures available now at DIY Home Center.

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