Let FastenMaster Save You Time & Money

We’ve all heard the famous Benjamin Franklin quote: “Time is Money” and we all know how true it is!  By using FastenMaster FlatLok structural wood screws, instead of nails and bolts to fasten multiple beams and trusses it will keep your project moving along quickly, ultimately saving you, your ever so valuable… time & money!

FastenMaster FlatLok structural wood screws

FastenMaster FlatLok structural wood screws

There is no need for pre-drilling with FlatLok, a sure fire way to save you time.  The threads on the screw will cut through some of the most solid lumber then pull the wood together for quick installation.  FastenMaster has made sure that penetration is a breeze because the FlatLok TORX® ttap® drive features a stability button.  If you’ve ever experienced wobble during installation, you know why stability is so important in a structural wood screw.  You will significantly lower possible stripping because your bit will have the best fit.  Receive a free TORX® ttap® bit with every box of FlatLok screws you purchase!

FlatLok has passed the test and meets the majority of the ICC standard criteria. Using treated lumber? It has received authorization to use with it. Once installed, the screw will be flat on the surface, this lets drywall or trim slide easily into place. You won’t have to worry about these screws becoming rusted or corroding, they are certain to last.

Check out the FastenMaster FlatLok video and see how you can save both time and money!



Make your next build a time and money saver, order your supply of FastenMaster FlatLok wood screws today at DIY Home Center.  While there, check out the other screws and fasteners that FastenMaster has to offer, including brands like Cortex and Tiger Claw.

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