TigerClaw TC-3: A Perfect Replacement for TigerClaw ProClip


Over the years, the TigerClaw ProClip has stood out as an extremely reliable and popular hidden deck fastener for Azek decking.  Knowing that the ProClip is no longer available, you can feel equally as satisfied with a perfect alternative: the TigerClaw TC-3.  The TigerClaw TC-3 will continue to deliver the same strength and trustworthy deck installation that you have come to rely on with the ProClip.

The TigerClaw TC-3, features remain the same with an easy-to-install process of only three steps, a built-in tab to ensure a uniform look, and a guarantee you have come to depend on from TigerClaw products.  The TigerClaw TC-3 was purposefully made and intended for use in Composite, PVC and Mahogany.  For a detailed list of composite and synthetic decking types suggested for use with the TC-3, check out this TigerClaw TC-3 page.

Watch this video to get helpful tips and see how easily you can start a simple deck installation using the TigerClaw TC-3.


If you are looking for a true fasten free look and dependability that you can trust for years to come, check out TigerClaw products at DIY Home Center.


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