Trex ADA Handrail For Your Deck


Trex ADA Hand Railing System

If you are looking to take your home to a higher level of safety and accessibility, you can improve your deck with Trex ADA compliant handrails.  Trex is known for both reliability and style.  Made with heavy duty aluminum and a fade & chip resistant finish, you know your Trex ADA handrail system will be both sturdy and stylish.

The Trex ADA hand railing system features a large compliment of components, to assure an easy installation. Whether you are mounting to wood or aluminum, the system includes fasteners for both, helping you create a seamlessly installed product.

Trex ADA Wall Mount

The Trex ADA handrails work well with Trex railing systems: Transcend, Reveal and Select.  In addition, you can choose from a variety of colors, including black, bronze or white, to finalize your look.

Visit DIY Home Center for ADA handrails on stair or ramp applications, as well as a wide selection of Trex products.

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