TimberTech RadianceRail – Tips you can’t miss!

TimberTech Radiance Rail

TimberTech Radiance Rail

The TimberTech Radiance Rail is a much sought after deck railing, known for it’s  stylish and sophisticated design.  Of all railing designs, RadianceRail is the top selling railing style offered by TimberTech.  RadianceRail is offered in 6 colors along with standard and custom rail kits.  This gives DIYers and pro builders a variety of options and styles, to create a distinct look that reflects the personal style of any homeowner.

Along with RadianceRail, TimberTech also offers a more cost effective alternative, the RadianceRail Express.  A little know fact is RadianceRail can work in conjunction with RadianceRail Express.  The benefits of the combined systems are two fold, cost savings and a sleek style.

TimberTech RadianceRail Express

TimberTech RadianceRail Express

Tip #1: You can lower the cost of  your railing by using the RadianceRail Express post sleeve, post cap and post skirt along with the custom RadianceRail rails and balusters.

Tip #2: For those of you who have a smaller deck space, using the RadianceRail Express post sleeve, which is 4″, in place of the RadianceRail 5″ post sleeve, allows for a more sleek look and a more balanced deck design.

If you are in the market for a new deck railing and want a stylish yet cost effective way to make your railing a reality, this is the answer!  Go to DIY Home Center to combine the TimberTech RadianceRail and TimberTech RadianceRail Express to create a deck that is just right for you.  Check out all of TimberTech decking options from hidden deck fasteners to deck lighting.


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