Plan Ahead & Save with the Dekorra Insulated Pouch

Dekorra Insulated Pouch

Dekorra Insulated Pouch

Although we all know the saying that nothing in life is guaranteed… One thing we can guarantee is that the weather is slowly, yet surely, turning colder.  And, with cold weather comes freezing temperatures and potentially frozen pipes. The Dekorra Insulated Pouch can protect your above ground plumbing from serious damage caused by freezing.

If you have exposed irrigation, well and plumbing fixtures, you run the risk of having freeze damage. This year, get ahead of the game.  Avoid messy clean up or expensive replacement by protecting your exposed plumbing now.

The Dekorra Insulated Pouch has an R-13 insulation value, pre-drilled grommets for secure installation and is made from a 5 year UV durable material. See the size and color varieties of Dekorra pouches available for you to protect your exterior pipes and pumps.

dekorra-insulated-pouch-1 You can use the insulated pouch with a rock enclosure or it can be used on its own.  For a more stylish look, find Dekorra rock covers at DIY Home Center.


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