Deck Gate Ideas For Your Outdoor Space


TimberTech Deck Gate

There are a variety of reasons to build a gate.  The practical reasons: Like, I have a pool and I am required by code. Or, I have dogs I would like to let out on my deck and ensure their safety. The not-so-practical reasons: Like, I love the look of a gate and want to elevate the style and appearance of my home.

No matter the reason, TimberTech makes adding a gate to your deck as simple as installing the balusters and railings.  If you have worked your way through your deck installation, the gate assembly is as easy as designing other sections of the deck. The only difference is mounting the gate section with hinges instead of directly to the post.

TimberTech RadianceRail offers an easy to install deck gate kit with square balusters.  Square balusters are recommended due to their strength and support. See this video for all of the information you need for installation.

Find all TimberTech products at DIY Home Center.


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