Tranform Your Home With A Post Wrap Kit

post-wrap-home-rotatorMake your house stand out from the rest. Give your homes exterior that finishing touch and extra curb appeal by adding Post Wraps by DIY Home Center.

DIY post wraps are one of the highest quality wraps on the market. Unlike many other wraps, they contain a solid core making them more durable and less likely to degrade over time. A solid core also means you have a consistent color throughout the entire wrap. For example, no other color will be exposed when nailed or cut.

Your house is worth it, so give it both the style and quality it deserves! Whether your style is craftsman, traditional, country, or… you name it, there is a post wrap to complete your look. Choose from one of the Tapered, Tapered Recessed or Flat designs.

Check out this installation video to see how easy these post wraps are to install.

For more of your building needs and supplies, go to DIY Home Center.

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