Ultra-tec Cable Railing System now at DIY

As the popularity of cable rail continues to grow, here at DIY Home Center, we continue to expand our cable railing options. You can now give your space a sleek and stylish look with an Ultra-tec Cable Railing System.

Ultra-tec is created with both professionals and DIYers in mind. Every cable railing kit is conveniently packaged with everything you need to build and maintain your railing system. Each individual kit includes: cable, fittings and hardware.

Ultra-tec stands out from other cable railing systems by giving homeowners the ability to tighten their own railing system after installation. Other cable railing systems often require a maintenance call, but with Ultra-tec, you can easily maintain your cable tension with the simple use of an allen wrench.

Money saving tip: Reduce your costs by installing a bottom rail. The simple addition of a bottom rail, can eliminate up to 3 rows of cable, thus reducing your cable railing cost by nearly 30%.


Ultra-tec Cable Railing System with bottom rail

It’s easy to see why the Ultra-tec 300 Series, inside to inside mount, is a top choice. The inside to inside mounting system eliminates the need for drilling through the post and saves money by reducing the number of corner posts.

Pro tip: Speaking of drilling… If you need to drill through the post, eliminate the chance of error by using an intermediate picket as your guide for drilling holes for your cable railing.

Watch this short video to see how simple it is to install the Ultra-tec 300 Series:

Whether you are installing cable rail indoor or outdoor, on wood or composite posts, find what you need at DIY Home Center.

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