Copper Products Add Style to Your Home!

Copper continues to maintain its popularity in interior home design and remodeling. Natural products give your home a perfect combination of warm tones and high style texture. With Premier Copper Products, you are guaranteed the highest quality hand-made products that suit any budget. Find one-of-a-kind copper products to give your home sophistication and style.

Copper Bathroom Sinks & Faucets

A bathroom is one of the most classic areas to add a copper element in your home. Warm up your bathroom with the rich color of a hand-crafted copper bathroom sink and copper bathroom faucet. Give your bathroom the finishing touch it needs with a copper mirror.

Round Wired Rimmed Vessel Hammered Copper Sink


The perfect way to create a grand focal point and spa-like retreat in your bath… make a statement with a copper bathtub.

60″ Hammered Copper Bathtub With Rings

Copper Kitchen Sinks & Faucets

Kitchens are known to be the gathering spot for family, friends and neighbors. A copper kitchen sink and copper kitchen faucet are sure to add a distinctive touch, admired by all. In addition to the sheer beauty of copper, it is also naturally antimicrobial. Since by nature it is able to resist bacteria, copper is certainly a practical choice for any kitchen.

Hand Hammered Copper 10.5″ Dome Pendant Light

Copper Lighting & Accessories

Although large statement pieces add a dramatic flare, a combination of copper accessories gives the same aesthetic value and charm.

Hand Hammered Copper 13″ Large Pendant Light


Be sure to make a statement in your home. Shop Premier Copper Products at DIY Home Center for that much-desired copper piece – strong, durable and sure to last.

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