OZCO Building Products – Now Available at DIY Home Center

OZCO is a manufacturer of high quality building products that is passionate about providing materials for DIY’ers and pro builders. OZCO connectors and ornamental wood ties are known for their beautiful, innovative designs that are available in the style options Ironwood and Laredo Sunset.


OZCO Pavilion – Project #213

OZCO Ornamental Wood Ties (OWT)

OZCO OWT Hardware is made of thick, hot dipped galvanized solid steel that is black powder coated to make them strong and completely weather resistant. OWT is a line of wood connectors by OZCO building products that includes; post bases, post to beams, joist hangers, beam hangers, rafter seams, rafter clips, truss ties, truss fans, Timber Screws, Timber Bolts, gate hardware and decorative accents.

Post Bases Post to Beams

Joist Hangers

Beam Hangers Rafter Seams Rafter Clips
Truss Ties Truss Fans Timber Screws
Timber Bolts

Gate Hardware


OZCO Systems

OZCO offers the product systems Oz-PostOz-Deck and Oz-Fence, which provide a faster and easier way to install wooden posts for decks, fences and other projects.


Oz-Post is a fast and easy instant post hole system that uses high-quality, steel post anchors to install wooden posts or fence posts without the need for digging or pouring concrete. An Oz-Post system is great for installing temporary or permanent fencing, mailboxes, clotheslines, playground equipment, street signs, decks and more.


An Oz-Deck Foundation System is a floating deck system that uses deck plates and Oz-Post Post Anchors to create a foundation system for decks that meets the required load bearing capacity. It is for use in areas with vertical loads, like decks, docs, sheds and garden bridges or boardwalks.


OZCO Oz-Fence includes a fence post extender and WAP-OZ Fence Brackets that provide innovative hardware solutions to problems builders face during and after wooden fence installation. Brackets can achieve any angle and an extender can raise the height of an already existing fence.

OZCO Projects

OZCO Building Products can be used to create indoor and outdoor projects like pergolas, pavilions, fences, gates, swings, benches, patio tables, picnic tables, garden beds, arbors and more. Simply visit diyhomecenter.com to purchase OZCO hardware and get started on your next project.

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