NEW FastenMaster LedgerLok Flat Head Wood Screws

If you are familiar with code-compliant FastenMaster LedgerLOK Structural Wood Screws, then you would know traditionally LedgerLOK screws have a large hex-head. It may come as exciting news to know there is now a new style of LedgerLOK screws with a flat head that may better fit some of your deck installations.

FastenMaster LedgerLOK Flat Head

FastenMaster LedgerLOK Flat Head vs Original Hex Head


LedgerLOK Fasteners are designed specifically for attaching a deck ledger board to the rim joist of a house with no predrilling (replacing lag screws and through-bolts).


LedgerLOK Flat Head Screws comes in two lengths. A traditional 3 5/8″ for single ledgers, and a 5″ version for double ledgers and thicker applications.

NEW Features

The LedgerLOK Flat Head Screws offers two new features versus the original hex head design: a flat head and TORX TTAP Drive System. These features allow the LedgerLOK Flat Head to be driven flush to the ledger surface, saving additional time and money.

FastenMaster LedgerLOK Flat Head Screw Installation

FastenMaster LedgerLOK Flat Head Screw Installation

Shop FastenMaster LedgerLOK Structural Wood Screws, along with our entire collection of FastenMaster products at If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.


10 Popular Fireplace Mantel Styles for 2019

The new year is a time that marks new trends, styles and designs. One timeless piece of furniture will always be the fireplace mantel. Whether your home is modern, traditional or somewhere in between, find a Pearl Mantels design that flawlessly accents the vision you have for your home.

1. Distressed Mantel Shelf

A distressed mantel shelf provides the perfect rustic charm for any room. The light distressing of wood enhances the natural beauty and offers an antiqued look that adds a beautiful decorative touch to your room.

Pearl Mantels Shenandoah Mantel Shelf

Pearl Mantels Shenandoah Mantel Shelf

The distressed Shenandoah Shelf by Pearl Mantels is made of pine and available in 6 finishes (including an unfinished option) to fit any decor or color scheme. This mantel shelf features hand-hewn edges and can be hung with or without included corbels depending on the style you want.

2. Traditional Fireplace Surround

A simple fireplace mantel surround may be just what a fireplace needs to create the perfect focal point in any room. The full mantel surround offers a timeless appearance that adds elegance and an added shelf or display area to hold your decor or treasured possessions.

Pearl Mantels Classique Fireplace Mantel

Pearl Mantels Classique Fireplace Mantel

A Pearl Mantels Classique Fireplace Surround provides a traditional look with beautiful moldings. This is an unfinished mantel made from Asian hardwoods and veneers that are light in color with a tight grain. It is easily painted or stained in order to fit any of your design needs.

3. Reclaimed Wood Mantel

A reclaimed wood mantel is similar to a distressed wood mantel but instead of making new wood look used, it repurposes already used wood into a new piece. They both have features that are worn, but the reclaimed wood tends to have more character due to its naturally weathered look. A reclaimed wood fireplace mantel offers a piece of decor with a unique story and appearance that can not be replicated.

Pearl Mantels Reclaimed Pine Mantel Shelf

Pearl Mantels Reclaimed Pine Mantel Shelf

Using reclaimed solid pine, the Pearl Mantels Solid Heart Pine Reclaimed Wood Shelf is a timeless beauty. It is available in a cool-toned, gray Driftwood finish or warm, honey brown Whisky finish that will provide a one-of-a-kind accent to any room.

4. Cedar Log Mantel

The perfect addition to any cabin style home is a cedar log mantel. The natural log displays visible characteristics of gnarly wood, cracks, and knots to offer a simple, yet unique look. Nothing makes a home feel cozier than the warm look and feel of natural wood furniture.

Pearl Mantels Cedar Log Mantel Shelf

Pearl Mantels Cedar Log Mantel Shelf

The Pearl Mantels Cedar Log Shelf is made of organic cedar wood with a light, natural, VOC free finish that brings out the natural beauty. This live edge log shelf features matching corbels to provide a strong, bold focal point in your home.

5. Modern Fireplace Mantel Shelf

There is something about a simple black and white color scheme that creates a really appealing modern atmosphere. Adding a minimalist fireplace mantel shelf adds some sultry warmth to a contemporary home.

Pearl Mantels Henry Mantel Shelf

Pearl Mantels Henry Mantel Shelf

A Henry Shelf by Pearl Mantels offers a modest design that can be used to enhance any room. This shelf is perfect for the modern home due to its clean look and classic color options of black or white.

6. MDF Mantel

A great alternative to solid wood fireplace mantels is MDF. This material is an engineered wood product that is made of wood fiber, resin and wax. Mantels and shelves made of MDF provide superior performance in heat and high temperatures because it does not warp or crack. MDF also provides a smoother finish when painted compared to solid wood.

Pearl Mantels Crestwood Mantel Shelf

Pearl Mantels Crestwood Mantel Shelf

Pearl Mantels offers many MDF shelves and fireplace surrounds, including the Crestwood. The MDF Crestwood Mantel Shelf is a great option for above a fireplace or on an empty wall. It is available in black, brown or white and has a simple, elegant design.

7. Acacia Hardwood Mantel

Acacia is a durable hardwood that is known for its natural beauty. This is an exotic wood featuring a mixture of light and dark browns to create a unique pattern that could not be reproduced the same. An Acacia fireplace mantel is a strong, water-resistant piece that will provide the perfect update to your fireplace or room.

Pearl Mantels Acacia Mantel Shelf

Pearl Mantels Acacia Mantel Shelf

This 100% natural Acacia Shelf from Pearl Mantels comes in a clear finish or a weathered gray stain. The Acacia Mantel can be used over a fireplace or in any other room to provide an organic, contemporary look.

8. Hidden Storage Mantel Shelf

If you don’t have enough cabinet space or want somewhere to hide the remote, then a mantel shelf with a hidden storage compartment may be perfect. These storage shelves can be used over a fireplace, under the TV or in any bedroom, bathroom or office. A popular design includes two hidden drawers on each end that simply pull out for easy use. Installing a two drawer storage shelf is a great addition to any present-day home that despises clutter.

Pearl Mantels Jackson Two Drawer Storage Shelf

Pearl Mantels Jackson Two Drawer Storage Shelf

A Pearl Mantels Jackson Two Drawer Storage Shelf has two felt lined drawers for hidden storage. This mantel provides a large area to display and hide any of your belongings. It has a beautiful weathered, lightly distressed finish or comes unfinished to be painted and stained to your taste.

9. Two-Tone Fireplace Mantel

The two-tone mantel has a rustic feel with a twist of modern elegance. A two-tone mantel is often painted a solid color, such as grey or white, and then has the natural wood exposed at the top. This shelf design will bring any fireplace or room up-to-date.

Pearl Mantels Hadley Shelf

Pearl Mantels Hadley Shelf

The Hadley Shelf by Pearl Mantels is the perfect mixture of rustic and modern appeal. It has a warm cottage gray finish and beautiful chalk washed top. This mantel shelf comes with a shelf, corbels and arch that can be used separately or together to create the design perfect for your home.

10. Classic Surround

Treat your home like a castle by installing a fireplace mantel with a classic design. These fireplace surrounds are fit for royalty and feature incredible detail and carvings that make any home look more dignified.

Pearl Mantels Deauville Fireplace Mantel

Pearl Mantels Deauville Fireplace Mantel

Introduce an exquisite Louis XV French Provincial style to your home with the Deauville Fireplace Mantel Surround. Pearl Mantels offers this hand-carved piece in a rich, fruitwood finish or unfinished to easily take in paint and stain.

With so many colors, designs and styles of mantels to choose from, it is incredibly easy to find the perfect mantel or mantel shelf to update your home in 2019. Shop our entire collection of beautiful Pearl Mantels at If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

FastenMaster PAMFast AutoFeed Screw System

FastenMaster is an American manufacturer that offers innovative screw and fastener products to professional contractors. One of their popular products includes an auto-feed screw gun and compatible screws that can be used for a variety of building applications. This install tool is called the PAMFast AutoFeed Screw System and is great for framing, decking or remodeling.

FastenMaster PAMFast AutoFeed Screw Gun

FastenMaster PAMFast AutoFeed Screw Gun


The PAMFast AutoFeed Screw Gun is available in 4 different options:

  1. Universal PAMFast AutoFeed System (P13KUE) adjusts to both a handheld and standing tool. It has a 2500 rpm Milwaukee screw gun, works with 1″-3″ screws and is commonly used for decking, railing, subfloor, siding, roof tile and drywall to wood or steel. This is the most versatile option and provides the widest range of uses.
  2. Standing PAMFast AutoFeed System (P13KDE) provides a longer tool only for use while standing. This has a 2500 rpm Milwaukee screw gun, works with 1″-3″ screws and is commonly used for applications like decking and subfloors.
  3. Handheld PAMFast AutoFeed System (PK13K4) is only the shorter tool for use on wall applications. It has a 4000 rpm Milwaukee screw gun, works with 1″-3″ screws and is typically used on crating, decking, railing, drywall to wood or steel, fiber cement siding, roof tile, steel framing, subfloors, and underlayment.
  4. Handheld PAMFast AutoFeed System (P13K) is only the shorter tool for use on wall applications. It has a 2500 rpm Milwaukee screw gun, works with 1″-3″ screws and is typically used on crating, decking, railing, drywall to wood or steel, fiber cement siding, roof tile, steel framing, subfloors, and underlayment.


The PAMFast System includes the auto-feed screw gun, a professional storage case, an Allen key set, Phillips bits and PAMDrive bits. Necessary screws are sold separately, as they vary by type and installation.


The PAMFast AutoFeed Screw System is designed to install:

  • Sub-flooring
  • Decking
  • Drywall
  • Tile roofing
  • Cement board
  • Steel framing
  • Crating or pallets


  • An auto-feed screw gun system that drives productivity.
  • Engineered to be a fast and easy installation tool for the professional contractors.
  • Has a simple, yet rugged design that is built to last.
  • Uses FastenMaster PAMFast screws or Trapease 3 screws.
  • Comes fully assembled to use while standing or adjusts to a handheld tool for wall applications.
  • Provides smooth and consistent screw driving without jams or stripping out bits.
  • Requires less reloading by holding 50 screws per collated strip.


The PAMFast AutoFeed Screw System offers increased speed, precision and productivity. It was designed to provide consistent drives without the occurrence of grinding, cam-out or jamming. The PAMFast gun requires less reloading by holding 50 screws per collated strip, which eliminates the struggle of handling loose screws. The FastenMaster screw gun bits are durable, so they retain their shape longer without wearing.


The PAMFast AutoFeed Screw Gun is priced similarly to other auto-feed screw guns, but is considered to be a higher-end option. Pro builders have debated for years about which auto-feed tool is the best choice. The PAMFast system is known for its superiority in faster drives, no jams and greater durability.

Shop the PAMFast Autofeed Screw System, as well as a large selection of other FastenMaster products at If you have any questions or comments about this product feel free to leave them below.


Dupont Tyvek Rainscreen Provides Water Drainage Behind Cladding

A new product from Dupont called Tyvek DrainVent Rainscreen is a solution helping contractors and homeowners build or enjoy high-performance walls made of the most popular claddings and designs.

Tyvek DrainVent is a (patent-pending) three-dimensional honeycomb-textured drainage mat with attached heavy-duty filter fabric that creates a space for water drainage and air movement for drying behind cladding. Providing assurance that water will drain out of the wall.

Dupont Tyvek DrainVent Rainscreen

Dupont Tyvek DrainVent Rainscreen

Tyvek DrainVent Rainscreen:

  • Helps prolong the life of exterior cladding. Its unique design creates an air gap that promotes moisture movement and ventilation behind wall cladding, which prevents rot, cracking and peeling problems.
  • Is ideal for installation behind stucco, stone veneer, brick, wood, fiber cement, metal panels, cedar shakes and shingles.
  • Provides the middle layer required between stucco and stone. Replacing one layer of weather-resistant barrier (WRB) needed.
  • Has an attached heavy-duty filter fabric that prevents mortar and stucco infiltration.
  • Is easy to cut and install using 1/2″ staples and nails. Tyvek Rainscreen lays flat and rolls tight against corners to offer an efficient product for contractors that prevents installation errors.
  • Creates a perfect flat surface for various claddings that is very breathable.
  • Is available in a 4′ x 50′ roll. Providing 200 sq. ft. of coverage.
  • Features built-in insect screen flap.

Tyvek DrainVent is part of the complete DuPont Tyvek product portfolio that guarantees trusted quality and durability. It grants contractors and homeowners peace of mind by providing a 10-year limited warranty when installed correctly with DuPont Tyvek system products.

Shop Tyvek DrainVent Rainscreen, as well as a large collection of other Dupont products at If you have any questions or comments about this product feel free to leave them below.


Pearl Mantels Now At DIY Home Center

It is that time of year again, where the weather gets cold and puts a damper on your outdoor projects. This season is the perfect time to shift your focus to interior home projects and we have a perfect new product to get you started!

DIY Home Center is excited to start offering Pearl Mantels. This new product line includes fireplace surrounds and mantel shelves. A mantel is a great addition to any fireplace or home decor and provides the perfect space to decorate for the holidays and all year long!

About Pearl Mantels

Pearl Mantels is a leading manufacturer of fireplace mantel surrounds and shelves. They have over 25 innovative designs that can be used either over a fireplace or as a decorative piece of wall furniture. Every Pearl product has a decorative pearl inlay on the side that signifies it is an authentic Pearl Mantel. A Pearl Mantel meets the needs of homeowners, home builders and contractors.

Pearl Mantel Types

There are two types of Pearl Mantels to choose from. A traditional full fireplace mantel surround that is designed to be an accessory for an existing fireplace. Fireplace surrounds offer a very classic look that adds elegance to any home decor. The other option is a fireplace mantel shelf, which is a favorite among modern homes. The shelf provides a simplified design and is more versatile because it can be used on a wall without a fireplace. Both Pearl Mantels Fireplace Mantel Surrounds and Pearl Mantels Fireplace Mantel Shelves add a beautiful focal point to any room.

Fireplace Mantel SurroundsPearl Mantels Williamsburg Fireplace Mantel

Fireplace Mantel Shelvesfireplace-mantel-shelves

Pearl Mantel Materials

Pearl Mantels are handcrafted using high-quality materials. Many of the mantels are created using some type of solid wood, including pine, cedar, reclaimed or log. A solid wood mantel provides superior quality and luxury. They also offer mantel options in medium density fiberboard (MDF). The MDF mantels are a great alternative to solid wood because they can be easily painted or stained. Both options provide a beautiful mantel that will display all of your personal treasures.

Wood Mantelswood-mantels-shelves.jpg

MDF Mantelsmdf-mantel-shelves.jpg


All Pearl Mantels features fine quality, stunning details and classic designs that will enhance any home decor. With so many colors, designs and sizes of Pearl Mantels to choose from, it is incredibly easy to find the perfect mantel or mantel shelf for your home. Shop the entire collection of beautiful Pearl Mantels at If you have any questions or comments about this product feel free to leave them below.

Which Trex RainEscape Color Is Best For Your Deck?

Black RainEscape is a recently released color of Trex RainEscape (covered in a previous blog post). Originally, RainEscape components like the downspout and troughs were only available in brown. This meant that all Trex decks had to use the brown RainEscape no matter their color. Now that there are two options, individuals have the choice to decide which color they prefer to use for their deck drainage system.

Brown Trex RainEscape applied (Left) and Black Trex RainEscape applied (Right)

Brown Trex RainEscape applied (Left) and Black Trex RainEscape applied (Right)

To help you choose the best RainEscape color for your deck, we provided a list of the recommended Trex deck colors to use with both black and brown RainEscape.

Trex decking colors for use with Black RainEscape:

  • Gravel Path – Transcend
  • Pebble Gray – Select
  • Clam Shell – Enhance
  • Winchester Gray – Select
  • Island Mist – Transcend

Trex decking colors for use with Brown RainEscape:

  • Rope Swing – Transcend
  • Beach Dune – Enhance
  • Saddle – Enhance
  • Saddle – Select
  • Tiki Torch – Transcend
  • Tree House – Transcend
  • Havana Gold – Transcend
  • Spiced Rum – Transcend
  • Woodland Brown – Select
  • Madeira – Select
  • Lava Rock – Transcend
  • Fire Pit – Transcend

For your reference, we have also provided a photo representation of these color recommendations.

Trex RainEscape Color Recommendations for Trex Deck Colors

Trex RainEscape Color Recommendations for Trex Deck Colors

If you are not using Trex deck boards in one of these colors, then we suggest you use a color RainEscape that is recommended for the deck color most similar to yours. A great rule of thumb is to use the black Trex RainEscape for cool toned deck boards and brown Trex RainEscape for warm toned deck boards.

These color pairings are of course only recommendations and you can use black or brown RainEscape with any deck color you please! Both options provide the same great performance and the color is simply an aesthetic option that is based on your preference or style.

DIY Home Center carries both colors of Trex RainEscape, so you can create a complete under-deck drainage system right for your needs. Visit to shop Trex or estimate your project with our Trex RainEscape Calculator. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

DekPro Prestige Aluminum Railing – 5 Reasons to Love It

In a recent blog post, we announced that DIY Home Center now carries products by DekPro Manufacturing. This is a company that prides themselves on products that provide form, function and precision engineering at an economical price.

One of the most popular products from DekPro is their line of aluminum railing called DekPro Prestige. This aluminum railing line is one of the reasons we fell in love with the DekPro brand. To help you understand why we love this aluminum railing system,  we decided to compile a list of 5 reasons to love DekPro Prestige.

1. Available in a Kit

Homeowners and builders will find it easy to install and order because DekPro Prestige is all kitted. Everything you need to install an aluminum deck railing is included in one package, so forgotten or wrong parts will no longer be an issue.

DekPro Prestige Railing Kit

Prestige Aluminum 36″ Rail Kit with Square Balusters – Stair

2. In Stock

This is a product that is readily available and in stock! That means that there will be no back-order issues that will lead to you or your client waiting weeks to receive railing and start the project.

3. Great Options

Whether you want green balusters, a tri-rail, a drink rail and even a secondary handrail – DekPro Prestige has it! Everything comes in a simple 6 foot or 8 foot section that easily integrates with other DekPro accessories. You can even easily substitute one color baluster with another color in railing kits for a small fee. Almost any railing accessories or extras you would like to add can be done with the purchase of only one extra piece.

Prestige Drink Rail Bracket

Prestige Drink Rail Bracket

4. It’s Unique

Don’t want the same railing as your neighbors? Then DekPro Prestige is perfect. You get a railing with a new look that offers the same high quality performance as well-known brands and is often offered at a lower price point.

5. The Result is Beautiful

We would never carry a product we do not believe meets or exceeds our customers expectations. DekPro Prestige does just that. Once installed, it is a high-quality railing system that provides the safety you need and beauty you want.

DekPro Prestige Aluminum Railing

DekPro Prestige Aluminum Railing

These are among the many reasons we are happy to welcome DekPro Prestige to our family of railing systems. If you have any questions about Prestige Railing or DekPro, feel free to comment below.

Shop or learn more about DekPro Prestige at now.

DekPro Manufacturing: Making Deck Railing Easy Again

After measuring, estimating and ordering I finally start building my deck railing. As I am halfway finished, I grab for another connector. The box is empty. I check for more in other boxes. Nothing. I quickly pull out my phone to check my order. I didn’t order the correct number of connectors. I only ordered one connector per baluster. I needed two. I order more connectors and learn that this project will now be delayed for another few days. I’m having a party tomorrow and my deck won’t be ready.

This type of problem happens all the time to both contractors and do-it-yourselfers. Building a deck railing should not be that difficult. All the components you need should come together and be easy to order.

That is the exact mission of DekPro Manufacturing.

When you use DekPro products, you know you’ll get everything you need because it comes in an easy to purchase kit that can be installed by ONE person.

DekPro Railing Kits include products like:

Aluminum Railing

Prestige_Bronze_Rail_Beauty copy

Aluminum Balusters


ADA Handrail


Cable Railing


Glass Railing


Deck Lighting


These easy to order and assemble kits provide form, function and precision engineering at an economical price. Also know that when you select DekPro Railing, you get quality aluminum products that are built to last and virtually maintenance free.

If you want to know more about a specific DekPro Railing Product visit or leave a comment below.

The DekPro line is very extensive and impressive, so we will also be covering each DekPro product in its own blog post soon. If you’re interested, then keep posted! The first product we’re going over is Prestige Aluminum Railing.

Read “DekPro Prestige Aluminum Railing – 5 Reasons to Love It” here.

NEW Black Trex RainEscape

The original Trex RainEscape components come in a color that is often considered an orange, tan or brown. We are excited to announce that the same Trex RainEscape Downspouts and Troughs are available in the color black. The new black components were created to provide a deck drainage system that is virtually invisible from the decks surface. Although the original color of the system worked perfectly to create an unnoticeable deck drainage system for most decks, this new black option will provide a great alternative to those who would prefer to have a black underdeck system.


New Black RainEscape Products include:

  1. Black Trex RainEscape Downspout
  2. Black Trex RainEscape 12′ Trough
  3. Black Trex RainEscape 16′ Trough

The drainage system will still require some of the original RainEscape materials, which have always come in the color black, such as the butyl tape, butyl tape for Trex Elevationswall flashing and post flashing. A RainEscape Butyl Caulk Tube may also be necessary to ensure the system has a watertight seal.

Go to to figure out which color is right for you and to estimate your deck project with our Trex RainEscape Calculator.

Happy Labor Day!

At DIY Home Center, everyone works very hard to give you the best service and products possible. To honor the hard-working staff at DIY, our offices will be closed on Monday, September 3rd for the Labor Day holiday.

Our normal customer service and shipping operations will resume on Tuesday, September 4th at 8:00 am CST. As always, orders can be placed 24/7 at

Thank you and enjoy your Labor Day!