FastenMaster FLEX for Easy Installation

fastenmaster-flex-wood-moldingsJust when you thought FastenMaster couldn’t make the installation process easier for you, they offer FastenMaster FLEX Hot Melt Adhesive.   Get the job done faster with the same power and adaptability you have come to rely on with all FastenMaster products. The FastenMaster FLEX can be used in multiple construction applications, including: Wood, Tile, Glass, Metal and Plastic.  The hot melt construction adhesive allows you to get into those hard to reach places and gives you a clean, nail free wood surface.

The FastenMaster FLEX Hot Melt Adhesive comes in two varieties, the FLEX 40 and FLEX 180.  The FLEX 40 is for fast applications, giving you 40 seconds to apply while the FLEX 180 gives you 180 seconds of time to work before adhering.  Once the adhesive is applied, use pressure and the materials will be bonded in seconds.

Check out this video to see how the FastenMaster FLEX Hot Melt Adhesive can keep your next project moving along quickly.

For more trusted products by FastenMaster, like HeadLok, LedgerLok and Cortex, go to DIY Home Center.



Azek Premier Railing – Excellence Guaranteed


Azek Premier Railing System

The Azek Premier Railing system is distinguished for bringing together the three most sought after qualities in a deck: stability, style and low maintenance.   Professional and DIY deck builders have come to know that Azek railing systems mean a stress free installation and guaranteed excellence.

With the Azek Premier Rail, you have the flexibility to choose.  Easily install the pre-drilled composite baluster rail pack to save yourself time without sacrificing style.  Or, if you are looking for a more customized profile, the custom rail pack accommodates aluminium balusters, cable railing or glass panel inserts.


Azek Lighting

Pride yourself on your attention to detail?  Consider some finishing touches by adding Azek lighting or create a custom Azek gate.  Azek products have the tools and accessories you need to take your project from concept to completion.  Find what you need at DIY Home Center to build your Azek railing.


Plan Ahead & Save with the Dekorra Insulated Pouch

Dekorra Insulated Pouch

Dekorra Insulated Pouch

Although we all know the saying that nothing in life is guaranteed… One thing we can guarantee is that the weather is slowly, yet surely, turning colder.  And, with cold weather comes freezing temperatures and potentially frozen pipes. The Dekorra Insulated Pouch can protect your above ground plumbing from serious damage caused by freezing.

If you have exposed irrigation, well and plumbing fixtures, you run the risk of having freeze damage. This year, get ahead of the game.  Avoid messy clean up or expensive replacement by protecting your exposed plumbing now.

The Dekorra Insulated Pouch has an R-13 insulation value, pre-drilled grommets for secure installation and is made from a 5 year UV durable material. See the size and color varieties of Dekorra pouches available for you to protect your exterior pipes and pumps.

dekorra-insulated-pouch-1 You can use the insulated pouch with a rock enclosure or it can be used on its own.  For a more stylish look, find Dekorra rock covers at DIY Home Center.


Enjoy the Night with Azek Deck Lighting


Azek Post Cap Light

Decks aren’t just for daytime anymore. With Azek deck lighting you can easily imagine yourself, feet up, watching the moon rise and the stars come out.  The only thing that may be stopping you are the questions that arise and details needed during any light installation. Easily find the answers you need at Azek lighting to make your nighttime deck dreams a reality.

Our customers commonly ask  how many lights can be installed with one Azek light transformer?  The 100 watt Azek transformer can handle up to 90 watts, to prevent overloading. Because Azek deck lighting utilizes LED bulbs, a single 100W transformer is sufficient for most lighting projects. The azek-light-fixture-watt-chartfixture wattage chart, provided by Azek, makes it a breeze to calculate how many lights per transformer you can install.  For example: when installing the Azek Post Cap Light, with a wattage of 4W, you can install up to 22 lights per transformer.  That question and many others will be answered with Azek’s straightforward and well designed installation guide. Azek Installation Guide

Offered in a variety of lighting designs and options, you are sure to create the ambiance you are looking for.  Azek lighting comes in 5 styles: Post Cap, Lighted Island Cap, Accent, Under Rail, Stair Riser and In-Deck, to suit any placement. The Azek dimmer accessory, with remote, also gives you the flexibility to adjust the lighting level.  Then, to take your options one step further, Azek lighting works with both Azek and TimberTech deck and railing products.

Make sure you are getting the most out of your deck, both day and night!  To see all Azek deck products, visit DIY Home Center.

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Sure Drive Mantis Clips For Style and Speed

Are you searching for a stylish deck or considering a picture frame deck design? Sure Drive Mantis Clips have the tools you need to cover all of the details.  Starting with the first board, the Mantis starter clips guarantee a clean start.  The transition clips and finishing clips assure that you will have a custom made and designed deck.

sure-drive-mantisSure Drive Mantis Clips are compatible with brands such as MoistureShield and ChoiceDeck.  The Sure Drive Mantis TRX clip is made exclusive to fit and install Trex decking.  The versatility and reliability makes Sure Drive Mantis Clips a top choice when creating a fashionable deck space.


Sure Drive Mantis Installation Tool

DIYers get ready to install like a pro! The Mantis Installation Tool is the key to installing your deck up to 80% faster.  With the Sure Drive Mantis Eliminator RCS Pneumatic installation tool,  the EZ Slide attachment holds the clip in place.  All you have to do is, put the clip in, push forward and install.  The magnetic tip of the installation gun means no more dropping clips. Clips will be magnetically held in place until you are ready to install.  All Mantis clips, including the popular Mantis Clip 396, are made to fit the installation tool.

If you are looking for the right tools to speed up the installation of your deck, check out this video to see just how easy the Sure Drive Mantis Tool is to use when installing your deck.

Got to DIY Home Center to see all Sure Drive USA products for a fast deck installation with ease.


TimberTech RadianceRail – Tips you can’t miss!

TimberTech Radiance Rail

TimberTech Radiance Rail

The TimberTech Radiance Rail is a much sought after deck railing, known for it’s  stylish and sophisticated design.  Of all railing designs, RadianceRail is the top selling railing style offered by TimberTech.  RadianceRail is offered in 6 colors along with standard and custom rail kits.  This gives DIYers and pro builders a variety of options and styles, to create a distinct look that reflects the personal style of any homeowner.

Along with RadianceRail, TimberTech also offers a more cost effective alternative, the RadianceRail Express.  A little know fact is RadianceRail can work in conjunction with RadianceRail Express.  The benefits of the combined systems are two fold, cost savings and a sleek style.

TimberTech RadianceRail Express

TimberTech RadianceRail Express

Tip #1: You can lower the cost of  your railing by using the RadianceRail Express post sleeve, post cap and post skirt along with the custom RadianceRail rails and balusters.

Tip #2: For those of you who have a smaller deck space, using the RadianceRail Express post sleeve, which is 4″, in place of the RadianceRail 5″ post sleeve, allows for a more sleek look and a more balanced deck design.

If you are in the market for a new deck railing and want a stylish yet cost effective way to make your railing a reality, this is the answer!  Go to DIY Home Center to combine the TimberTech RadianceRail and TimberTech RadianceRail Express to create a deck that is just right for you.  Check out all of TimberTech decking options from hidden deck fasteners to deck lighting.