Enjoy the Outdoors with Deckorators

In the peak of summer, warm weather and sunshine rule the day and comfortable breezes fill the nights. The beauty is… it’s never too late to enjoy it! From your front porch to your back deck, Deckorators has what you need to maximize outdoor living.

Create a beautiful porch with a Deckorators CXT railing system. The finishing touches will make your outdoor space stand out from the rest. Choose from a variety of railing and baluster styles and colors, along with Deckorators Post Caps and accessories to give your home the added character you are looking for!


Deckorators CXT Classic Railing

Use the outdoors to entertain friends and family. Some people call it the Deckorators Aluminum railing system while others call it the Deckorators ALX railing system, we call it a great place for entertaining. Dress up your deck with a combination of luxury and comfort.


Deckorators ALX Railing System

Enjoy your space into the night with outdoor lighting. For relaxation and fun, Deckorators lighted post caps will extend your outdoor time well after the sun goes down. For easy installation, simply attach a Deckorators solar light to create that nighttime ambiance.


Deckorators Low Voltage Lighting

Enjoy your deck worry-free, for years to come with the Deckorators 25 year limited warranty. Find Deckorators products at DIY Home Center.

Deckorators CXT Composite Railings Available At DIY Home Center

When you use the Deckorators CXT Railing, you get the look of real painted wood, the durability and the low-maintenance performance of a composite, and an array of compelling design options that ensure an amazing kick-your-feet-up-and-relax deck that might just lead to lower blood pressure (and possibly increased wine consumption).

Deckorators CXT Railing

Deckorators CXT Railing

CXT railings, now available at DIY Home Center, work with most other components in the Deckorators line giving you incredible possibilities. Start with your post sleeve kit that includes base trim, pick your railing length, and then find the perfect balusters to finish off the look–whether they’re aluminum, glass, or CXT composite balusters.Traditional white CXT post caps? Deckorators VersaCaps? Sleek bronze rails with copper balusters?

The flexibility of Deckorators CXT railings means that there is a style just right for your deck, whether you’re upgrading your railings or building from scratch.

The CXT uses a cool U-Bracket design that not only hides the fastener, but makes installation easier–especially for stair rails. Pre-drilled rails, as you’ll see in the installation video, mean you don’t have to worry about placing your balusters evenly.

Deckorators CXT Contemporary rail kits are now available at DIY Home Center in 6- or 8-foot lengths and 36- or 42-inch installed rail heights.

Check out the installation video to see how everything fits together and head over to DIY Home Center to find the perfect CXT railing for your deck.

Think Fast! Three Deckorators Accessories to Quick-Fix a Plain Deck

With home sales still slow and lending still tight, now is a good time to make little improvements that can have a big impact. That means accessories, and as far as your deck is concerned, you can greatly improve its look and appeal by adding a few accessories from Deckorators.

Here are three ideas that you can incorporate quickly:

Add or Update Post CapsDeckorators Post Caps

Add class and style with Deckorators post caps which fit 4×4 and 6×6 posts and are available in aluminum, wood, copper, and solar.

Adding or updating post caps is a quick, easy way to change the look of your deck–for the better. Post caps can make a big difference in giving a deck that complete, finished look.

At least one of Deckorators different styles are sure to match your deck. And the solar post caps not only look great, but provide soft, functional lighting in the evening hours.

Add Baskets to Your Existing BalustersDeckorators baluster baskets

If you’ve already spruced up your deck with Deckorators balusters, adding baskets to them is a quick way to enhance your deck’s appeal without a lot of sweat. Coming in bronze or black, baskets fit neatly over Deckorators Classic Round Balusters.

The baskets feature the same quality and durability as the balusters, so you won’t have to worry about scratching or chipping.

Add Deckorators Deck Lighting to Illuminate Your Eveningsdeck lighting

When you’re out on your deck at night star gazing or just relaxing, it’s soothing to have the soft, subtle light of Deckorators’ lighting kit to illuminate your way or just the perimeter of the deck.

Besides safety, deck lighting makes your deck really pop in the evening and nighttime hours. We think deck lighting is one of the coolest, most noticeable (in a good way!) upgrades you can make to your deck.

There are a lot more products that can give you a way to update your deck without making major modifications. We think these three products by Deckorators will give you plenty of ways to enhance your deck for this deck season–without breaking the bank and without putting too much strain on your DIY muscles.

Check out Deckorators accessories at DIY Home Center.

Deckorators Matte Black Balusters & Copper Balusters – Now Available!

We’re happy to announce that Deckorators Copper Balusters and Deckorators Matte Black balusters are now available at DIY Home Center.

In case you missed it, we recently posted about how the Copper Balusters or the Matte Black Balusters can give new life to an existing deck or put the finishing touch on a new deck.

Now that they are available, consider the possibilities these sleek, stylish, and long-lasting balusters from Deckorators can give your deck.

Shop for Deckorators balusters, post caps, railing systems and lighting at DIY Home Center.

Deckorators Copper Balusters

Deckorators Copper Balusters – New Color for 2012!

People are creating some great looks for their decks by combining different railing styles. We talked about Deckorators Matte Black Balusters already, but another product we’re looking forward to this spring is the new Deckorators Copper Balusters—they’ll look great with Deckorators copper post caps!

Deckorators Copper Balusters

Deckorators Copper Balusters

We like Deckorators because they look good—and they’re known for being strong and functional. In fact, Deckorators just passed AAMA 2604, a new standard that means the coating on their balusters has five times more outdoor exposure performance and two times more humidity exposure performance than the AAMA 2603 standard.

You can have confidence that Deckorators Copper Balusters will look great for a long time—with minimal care. Perfect for busy homeowners like yourself.

The copper baluster style isn’t available yet, but as soon as it is, DIY Home Center will have it!

New! Deckorators Matte Black Balusters

When we saw them at the International Builder’s Show in Orlando, we thought Deckorators Round, Aluminum Matte Black balusters had a lot of style. We love matte black—it offers a classic look, and it combines well with wood, composite, and aluminum.

Not only do Deckorators Matte Black Balusters look good and have a great finish, you don’t have to worry about chipping, scratching, or rusting. In fact, Deckorators powder coat easily passes AAMA 2604.

Deckorators matte black balusters

Deckorators Matte Black Balusters

That might look like a bunch of letters and numbers, so let’s put it into perspective. Compared to the old standard, AAMA 2603, you get five times the outdoor exposure performance and twice the humidity exposure performance.
That means your balusters will look great for years to come! No wonder they can offer a lifetime warranty on their 26-, 32-, and 36-inch balusters.

As you mull over deck projects for the upcoming season, consider how Deckorators Matte Black Balusters can give you a sleek, refined-looking deck.

The matte black style isn’t available yet, but as soon as it is, DIY Home Center will have it!

LED Deck Lighting Kits for Style, Safety

Deckorators Recessed Lighting Kit - Pack of 8

Deckorators Recessed Lighting Kit – Pack of 8

When the sun sets and the day fades into darkness, what do you do to see on your deck? Have you considered LED deck lighting? Not only do LEDs bring style and sophistication to deck stairs, but they serve a very useful purpose of guiding your steps in what could be a dangerous situation. Besides stairs, LED deck lighting kits are excellent for highlighting deck features like hot tubs, fountains, built-in benches and statues. Moreover, LEDs use far less electricity than other forms of electricity-based deck lighting, saving you money.

Our new Deckorators Recessed Lighting Kits feature compact, ultra-bright, low-volt LEDs that make decks more aesthetically pleasing and accessible after dusk. Ideal for building into stairs, step-downs, doorways and wherever else ambient lighting is desired, these lights come 8 to a package with transformer and light sensor included.

Here, we have an outdoor deck lighting installation video from Deckorators, the leader in deck railing accessories. Watch this Deckorators Low Voltage Deck Light Kit Installation and see how easy it is to create an inviting environment for your decks!