Fortress Fe26 Iron Railing: The Look Of Iron Without The Maintenance

When deciding on a railing system, many homeowners are drawn to the elegant beauty and strength of wrought iron railing. Then, they learn about the maintenance that comes with an iron railing system and things change.

The largest problem with a traditional iron railing is that it rusts. Not only is rust unsightly, but it can lead to hours of scraping at spots and even corrosion that creates dangerous structural problems. That upkeep is a huge turn-off. So then the question, “Can I get a railing with a similar look, but with as little maintenance and rust as possible?” is asked.

The short answer is yes. A rust-free alternative to iron railing does exist and it is called the Fe26 Iron Railing by Fortress Railing Products.


Fortress Fe26 Railing was designed using alternative materials and a superior coating process to achieve an enhanced version of traditional wrought iron railing that is virtually maintenance free. It is made of 100% galvanized steel that has both an industrial grade e-coat and premium powder coat layer on top. The combination is fairly unique to provide a system that is stronger than iron and resistant to rust and corrosion.

The Fe26 Railing also does not sacrifice on appearance, as it offers the same solid, black steel railing look that made homeowners interested in the first place.

Heinke- Ant. Bronze with ring top accents[1].JPG

So if you are looking for a railing that offers the beauty and functionality of wrought iron, but doesn’t require the same maintenance, then Fe26 may be the perfect option for your home or project.

You should also note that Fortress Fe26 Railing is easy to install and purchase because it follows a simple 4 step system. Complete these steps to ensure you have everything needed for your project:

Shop and learn more about Fortress Fe26 Iron Railing or other railing options at Feel free to leave any comments or questions in the section below.

Fortress Iron Offers Premium Iron Deck Railing Balusters

Is your deck missing that certain something? Or perhaps you’re planning a deck addition to your outdoor space. Enhance the appearance of any deck project with a wonderful selection of Fortress Railing Balusters!

Fortress Railing Balusters are 100% pre-galvanized steel with a premium powder coating that attractively integrate into wood, composite, vinyl or metal railing system. Whether your style is old world charm, traditional, or modern symmetry, Fortress Railing Balusters have the perfect balusters to create a railing that reflects your personal taste. The variety of designs in up to seven premium powder coat finishes create endless possibilities to bring a unique touch to your outdoor sanctuary.

Fortress Iron Twisted Balusters in Vintage - Square style

Fortress Iron Twisted Balusters in Vintage – Square style

DIY Home Center offers an assortment of baluster types — Straight, Twisted, Basket, Belly & Bow — and our Baluster Series include Vienna, Round Vintage, Square Vintage and Pure View Glass Balusters.

Fortress Iron Deck Balusters are the perfect addition to any project. Versatile and attractive, they can be used for a porch railing, a baluster deck, exterior stair railings, exterior iron railings and more. Rod iron spindles offer a classic design when used with a deck railing, deck stair railings or even handrails. Fortress Pure View Glass Balusters are used for porch railings, deck railings, glass handrails for stairs and more. Fortress stair glass balusters combined with railing glass balusters offer an unobstructed view, and installing tempered glass balusters is easy and flexible.

Fortress balusters not only provide a unique style, but also offer low-maintenance and the best prices. There is no doubt that you will find a Fortress Iron product that matches your personal style to make your deck extraordinary.